Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

 This is obviously an advance copy of the December issue of Car & Driver.

Showing the new Corvette ZR-1. And it looks really horrible(!)
The regular current Corvette already looks a bit like a toy, but this really has to be the pinacle of vulgarity.
Vents, scoops, skirts. All over the place. And that stupid looking huge wing in the back???

This looks like a Corvette version of the nightmarish Civic Type R.
This is really depressing. How vulgar some sports cars have become.

Just think back a few years, when the ZR-1 was just a rather tasteful, sportier, faster version of the Corvette...

Here are some pix of previous generations.
Actually looking pretty classy. And still sporty!

No need for all the crap the new one has.

And how many 750HP Corvettes GM will really sell?
This will do nothing to improve GM's image.

It's like having a giant head of Meat Loaf tattooed allover your chest and showing up shirtless for work on Monday morning.


New 2018 Jeep Wrangler interior

This is pretty nice!
They have been able to incorporate current new tech and design trends in the classic Wrangler look and feel.

I think this works very well. (Even the screen has a strange retro feel to it.)
Well done!

No new specs yet. But more coming very soon....

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

2018 Buick Lacrosse Avenir

Here are pictures of the "Avenir" package on the Buick Lacrosse. (Chinese market version pictured)

It sure looks good. But, just like the Black Label option form Lincoln, it just seems to be a bunch of new trims.
Not sure how much the Avenir option will be, but Lincoln charges about $6000 for Black Label.
Which isn't cheap. (For something that should really be standard on that class of car...)
I am also not sure it's such a great idea to move Buick so upmarket. And again, like it has been for decades, maybe too close to Cadillac....

I do like the current Lacrosse.  But it has not been selling in big numbers. Only about  28 000 last year. (Which compares to over 42 000 the year before. ..) While Toyota sold over 48 000 Avalons. 

Not sure a even more expensive option will help.

2019 BMW X5 gets the nightmarish X7 Concept grille.

 Look at this huge grille on the upcoming 2019 redesign of the BMW X5.
(I posted this current model just under it. So you can tell how much the grille has grown...)

And yes, it is very reminiscent of the horrible looking X7 Concept we saw a while back.
Here is that ghastly X7 Concept. With its horrific looking grille.
Well, it looks like we have to get used to that look. Since it not only shows us what the actual X7 will look like, but also probably all future BMW SUVs.
Imagine that...

No new VW Jetta for Europe

It looks like (not 100% official yet) the next generation Jetta will not be sold in Europe at all.
For years, it has become very rare in the old continent, where people prefer the Golf. By a lot.
(Something like 17 or 27 to one. )
So it's no surprise, really.

It looks like now the Passat and Artheon will be the only VW sedans sold in Europe.
As VW is coming up with more and more SUVs...
 I just was this illustration of the 2019 Jetta. Which actually looks pretty close to the real thing.

 As I posted before, this is the real 2019 Jetta.
The illustration above it looks pretty realistic.

For more pix of the 2019 Jetta, (front and back) head over HERE.

News from the Los Angeles Auto Show

Just got this from the Auto Show (OR L.A Mobility as they now call it...)

- Looks like Nissan will have a new "CUV". Could it be the next Juke?
- I think we will see the BMW i8 Spider and the X2.
- Who knows about Chevrolet. "Global and North American" debuts.
That sounds like a lot. Maybe the new Silverado pick up? Revised Malibu? (That's all I can think of)

Of course I will be there and report from the Show Press days. 

2019 VW Jetta GLI

 The Jetta will be all new for 2019. And the sporty GLI version will follow the exact same recipe it has for decades now: a sportier Jetta.
With an updated version of the same 2.0 Liter Turbo. And sportier bits in and out.
(You can already see the new cool wheels)

The new Jetta is coming out very soon. And the GLI version should follow a few months later.
In case you forgot, here is the new Jetta.
In super base model form with black door handles and plastic hubcaps (not pictured)

All pictures of the all new VW Jetta GLI are right HERE

Leap Motors S01

Here is another teaser for the all new Chinese EV from Leap Motors.
( I posted more pix of this car earlier HERE)

And it looks really good so far!

Apparently, they want this thing to be around $30 000 before incentives. It is also rumored to have at least 250 miles of range.
This could be great. If it ever makes it to production.

And sold over here!
A CRX for the 21st century.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Acura prices the 2018 RLX

And it's not cheap. The "revised for 2018" RLX starts at $54 900. Or $61 900 for the Sport Hybrid model.
That is crazy pricing. (Almost as crazy as their "over $150 000" NSX)

Let's see what else you can get for that money if you are looking for a luxury sedan...

- An Audi A6 3.0 Turbo is $57 474 (The base 2.0 model starts at $50 675)
- A BMW 5 series 530 starts at $52 195 (The 540 starts at $ 57 445)
- The Mercedes E Class starts at $ 53 145

So basically, Acura is pricing their old  (And rather ugly) RLX (It came out in 2013) about the same as all the newer German competition. 
And higher than the Infiniti Q70 or Genesis G80.

The poor Acura has none of the image and cachet of its German competition. I am sure it is a fine car.
It probably drives very well, is very comfortable. And must be very reliable.
But in this segment of the market, image is almost everything. And this offers nothing.

If you really like the RLX. Just get a good use one.
Like THIS ONE. Or THAT ONE. Two year old cars for almost half the price!
Who would ever buy a new one of these????

All I can say is: Good luck with that!

The Honda Crider is now "Born to race". (Good to know)

 I must admit, I had no idea.
One of the ugliest sedan on earth (And maybe the worst Honda design ever) is now, apparently born to race. Who knew...

It is always fun to make fun of an ugly car. And the Crider is quite a contender.

Thank God, this is not being sold outside of China. And it has actually been around for a while. But that ghastly front end is fairly new.
It is larger than a Civic, but based on a stretched Fit platform. Which, I guess, is partially responsible for the horrible proportions.

New grille for the Buick Envision.

The revised version is the one on top.
Basically adopting the same grille design as all other Buick modes. As well as all other Opel.
Looks like new bumpers too. And slightly different lights.

The one bellow is the 2018 model for the US.
So I am not sure when this new grille will be coming over. I guess for an early 2019 model?

So far, I have seen only a couple of these driving around.
And it seems that GM has sold about over 37 000 of them so far this year.
(This is a very hot segment, and you would think this would sell more...)

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Another tesla Semi truck teaser.

The official date is now November 16th.
We will see the all new Tesla Electric Semi.

Not sure this is perfect timing though...
These days, Tesla is more in the new for their just announced record loss. And being unable to actually produce the new Model 3.
So unveiling a brand new Semi truck??? Really?

Leap Motors (Yes, "Leap Motors") LP S01 EV

That's right, there is yet another new Chinese brand called Leap Motors.
 They claim production will start in 2018 (A factory is actually already under construction)
Capacity could reach 250 000 units a year. (sure...)
And why not...

At least the teaser above looks pretty good.
They claim their first model, the LP S01, will be an "affordable small electric sports car".
Which should be about the size of a Miata. 

And here is the S01 prototype actually driving around.
The shape seems to be like a modern Honda CRX, or something,.
While the interior is a bit weird. It seems very 90ish . But with modern LCD screens.

Again, why not.
A little sporty electric coupe with a range of over 250 miles. For about $30 000.
It seems that's what Honda is trying to do with their new Sports EV Concept we just saw.

What do you think of a small sporty EV?

R.I.P: Range Rover Evoque 3 door

That's right. the 3 door version will not be able in the US anymore .
I think it looked better than the family oriented 5 door. 
But the US market for two door cars (even SUVs) has been striking for decades now...

The convertible is still available.

And the all new redesigned 2019 model will only be available as a 5 door. Like everything else...

Friday, November 03, 2017

New Tesla Model 3 Video

It sure is nice too see how great the assembly line is working.
Knowing that in reality, Tesla is having a lot of trouble actually producing the car.

Which was expected by everyone really. The crazy high numbers they claimed earlier were always BS. As there is really no way they can produce as many cars as they claimed just a few months ago:
"production of the Model 3 will ramp up to 5000 a week at some point in 2017. And 10 000 per week at some point in 2018"
Which has always been impossible. Since it would mean over 500 000 Model 3 a year!
More than any car currently sold in the US.

They are now saying the "5000 per week" number will happen in March 2018.
We'll see... (So far only a few hundred cars have been produced)

Meanwhile, here is a cool new (At least I haven't seen it before) video of the Model 3.

Nissan Lannia: Why not the next Sentra???

I mean really, why not??

Our Sentra is almost 6 years old. It never looked really new or modern.
This does look like a shrunk Maxima. Sure, it does have that floating roof that many love to hate.
But hey, all Nissans will get it sooner or later. (It will be on the new Altima)

Next is the Altima. Which means the new Sentra is still at least a year away. Or more.
Not sure who actually considers a Sentra these days. Over much newer choices like the Civic, Cruze etc... (But amazingly enough they sold over 214 000 of them last year. Although a huge drop is expected this year...)
The Lancia actually looks current.
It has been on sale in China for about a couple of years now.

I am just surprised Nissan didn't use this as the new Sentra.
Same thing with the Navaro pick up. It should have been the new Frontier. 
It was really a no brainer...

What do you think?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

2018/19 Mercedes A-Class

The orange car is the next version of the A-Class hatchback.
Sure, it's "all new". But it does look really, really close to the current model (green car)
I mean it's almost shocking how similar they are.
It looks more like a facelift with the newer Mercedes corporate front end/grille design than an all new car.

That's really too bad.

We won't be getting this here anyway (also too bad)
What we are getting is the A-Class sedan. You can see a little bit of it on the top picture.
It is right behind the hatchback.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Next Bentley Flying Spur already looks better than the current one.

Even with all that crappy looking camouflage on it, you can tell the shape is much sleeker.

To me, the current one never lived up to the Bentley name. It just looked like a much cheaper large sedan. (It would make a really nice Genesis)
Nothing special like a Bentley should be.

The new one should be more like a true 4 door Continental GT. And the new Continental GT looks pretty amazing.
So this should be really nice...

For more pictures of the all new Flying Spur prototype, head over HERE

Another teaser for the next Aston Martin Vantage

This is the second teaser for the upcoming Vantage.
(The first one is HERE)

We still can't see much. But it still looks a lot like the DB10. Which is expected after seeing all these camouflaged prototypes.

I must say, I am not sure what is going on on the left of that picture. Above the rear part of the car.
Is that a giant ridiculous spoiler (That was not on the first teaser )
Why? What??
As a small reminder, here is Jame's Bond's DB10.

Mazda CX-5 test drive coming up.

Just got a Mazda CX-5 for a whole week.
Most reviews of this car have been really good so I am expecting quite a bit.
And so far, it doesn't disappoint.

I haven't driven Mazda cars for years now. So I was really happy to get this one.
Since I have not been able to drive any of their current generation models. (I will make sure to catch up with more.)

Go ahead if you have any questions about the car...