Sunday, April 18, 2021

2022 VW ID6: better pix...


This is looking better in these new photos. Actually not worse than the sea of 3 rows of SUVs we see everywhere these days.

Inside too. Except for the weird shape of the center vents right under the screen. Which mirrors the shape of climate control. It looks like a weird double shape.

Otherwise, it does appear more upscale than the shorter ID4. It is rated at 271 and 365 miles by the Chinese standard. Which means something closer to 240 and 330 miles over here. Which would still be very decent. And competitive.
And of course, so far, this isn't planned for the US. (Although not completely ruled out)


Saturday, April 17, 2021

2022/23 Honda CR-V: how about some terrible spy shots...

We have seen better photos of this. But this shows a little bit of the rear end as well.
A pretty realistic (and a bit sad) illustration is HERE too.

This will be a very conservative SUV. With over 384 000 sold in 2029, Honda will be taking no chance with the next one.
From what we have seen before, expect something a little bit like the new Acura MDX. Mixed with a Ridgeline-type grille. And an interior that will probably be very similar to the new 2022 Civic...


Toyota BZ 4X Concept: Vs the RAV-4...

Basically, it looks like Toyota's first EV will be an electric version of the RAV-4. 
Of course, it will have nothing in common with the popular crossover, with its own platform, etc... But it seems Toyota has been hard at work to make the new model very recognizable as a Toyota SUV. 
It does look a bit more dynamic, but no grounds are broken here. As it seems to keep the proportions of a normal gasoline car. 

Toyota is a pretty conservative company, and it looks like their switch to EVs will be a gentle one. At least visually.

Official teaser (HERE


2022 Mercedes EQB: 1st official pic...

 Zero surprises here. the "all-new" EQB is an electric version of the now-familiar GLB. With the usual fake EV grille and large fake EV vents.

And the "new horrible trend" of copper/gold wheels. In a desperate attempt to make it different from the gas model. Which is of course, much cheaper than a new design...

More on this coming soon.

Mazda CX-3- EV: surprise...


This electric version of the Mazda CX-30 comes as a total surprise to me. I don't have any info on this yet. 
only that it will be, so far, a unique model for the Chinese market. And that it looks really weird. I guess they had to raise the whole thing up to fit the battery pack under the floor Something the CX-30 was not designed for in the first place.

More on this soon...

2022 Ford Evos: getting close...

The new photo on the top shows the front end of the actual 2022 Ford Evos. Which basically, will replace the Fusion in the US and Mondeo in Europe.
You can see the difference with the camouflaged photo I posted a few months ago. And the final result looks much nicer.
I now actually can't wait to see the real thing. It is supposed to be a hybrid wagon that would compete mainly with the Subaru Outback.

From the top photo, it looks like we will be using the whole thing very, very soon.


Friday, April 16, 2021

Audi A6 e-Tron concept: one good looking Audi...

This all-new concept from Audi looks like it is heading straight for the Tesla Model S.
And I think it looks great!

Let's hope the interior is as pure and modern as the exterior. Also from the same, it seems it could actually be a preview of the next A6? Or will the next A6 be only offered as an EV. Already?

More very soon...


VW ID6: new pix...


We have seen the VW ID6 before (HERE) but these are new pictures showing the interior. Which. of course, looks like a bigger ID4. 

It is a busier interior than the ID4. With weird oversized vents on the side of the dash. And so far, this doesn't look very upscale at all. The VW cost-cutting machine seems hard at work here, making sure all these new electric cars stay somewhat affordable...

More on the ID 6 very soon.

2022 Mercedes EQS: better pix...

Here are a few photos of the new Mercedes EQS with a more "normal" color than the horrible 2 tone crap we have seen so far in most pictures.

I actually like this a lot. I think it looks more modern and upscale than the Tesla Model S. Which is probably its most direct competitor. With the upcoming Lucid Air.

This isn't as futuristic as the Air, but the interior almost is. 

So far the specs are great. With a one motor 330HP or a dual motor 516HP versions. All getting over 400 miles of EV range. (478 in the European test cycle)

it will be available in the fall, but no price yet. The Tesla Model S now starts at $ 80 000.

And the Lucid Air starts at $70 000 before incentives. Unfortunately, I don't expect the new EQS to start at under $90 000. We'll see...

Thursday, April 15, 2021

2023 Toyota Prius: let's hope not...

 It is time to all get on our knees and pray. Pray to our Gods that the next generation Prius doesn't look like this illustration. At all... At any cost.

To say that the Prius is not as popular as it used to be is an understatement. It went from selling over 236 000 units in 2012, to just over 43 000 last year. Still, "Prius" is one of Toyota's most recognizable names and they should really do something with it.

I think the next one should be a re-invention. Just like the 2nd generation was, going from a tiny sedan to a larger, taller hatchback style. And it should also bring something new. Something better. Something like a 100 miles EV range plug-in hybrid. 

Or maybe Toyota should actually give the name Prius to their very first EV. Japanese carmakers are in the habit of killing famous names. Like "Integra", "Legend" or "Celica". Toyota should really keep the name Prius somewhere. But it just cannot be another weird-looking ungainly hybrid hatchback.

No one cares about that anymore...

(Thanks to a reader for the pic)

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz: official pix...

After so many years (I think it's been over 18 years now) of seeing spy shots, we finally get to see the real thing. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup is finally here.
And I think it looks really cute. It also seems quite small. 
With a short bed and not much rear-seat legroom.
It is about 15 inches shorter than the Honda Ridgeline. And its bed length is 48.5 inches, instead of 63.5 inches for the larger Honda.
The base engine is Hyundai's familiar 2.5 Liter engine with 190HP and the 2.5 Turbo with about 275HP is an option. As well as AWD. Towing is up to 5000 pounds with the more powerful engine.

Pricing is not available yet.

I think this looks cute and fun and is really a cool throwback to small pick-ups from decades ago. It'll be interesting to see how popular it gets...

Mazda MX-30: coming to the US this fall...

 It is now official. The 2022 Mazda MX-30 will go on sale in the US this fall. The EV version is coming first. With a plug-in hybrid model next year.

I really think the MX-30 could be interesting. But that tiny electric range of around 100 miles isn't going to cut it. I am not sure how many Electric Minis have been sold over here, but probably not a lot.

Even though, I think a short 110 miles range is more acceptable on a small city car like the Mini. But a larger crossover really needs to be able to travel further. They claim an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. Which would be OK. But that still would only give you only 80 miles at the most. 

The plug-in hybrid version seems much more interesting. If they can keep the pure EV range at around 100 miles that is. The small extra engine/generator will be a rotary unit. Which sounds cool. 

Although I remember rotary engines being pretty bad as far as gas mileage goes...


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

2022 Audi Q4 e-Tron Sportback: the "sportier" looking alternative...


The new 2022 Audi Q4 e-Tron will also be available as a "coupe" version called the Sportback.
The US will get both models as well.

The Sportback will only be available with 2 motors with 295HP.
And will be slightly more expensive than the regular Q4 e-Tron AWD.

I actually like it more than the regular model. I know calling these things "coupes" is blasphemy. But somehow, I think this looks more interesting than the regular SUV-looking shape.
And even looks a bit more like a European hatchback car.

2022 Mercedes EQS: before you're supposed to see it...


I know it's hard to see behind the goofy 2 tone paint job. (What a stupid idea,,,) But this could look really good. The front end has much more character than I thought (at least ton this pic)

And the overall thing sims simple yet modern. Almost like the new S-Class should have been.

We've already seen the spectacular interior a few days ago. Now it all comes down to specs and the big mystery" price.

Much more on this very soon.

2022 Kia K3: maybe our new Forte...

Even though it has been getting mostly really good reviews, the current Kia Forte is maybe the most boring-looking compact sedan on the US  market today. It even lost a lot of personalities compared to the previous generation.

The mid-cycle refresh doesn't really look much better. And the interior is basically the same as before.
The good news for the revised Forte might be the new 2022 Civic sedan. Which, so far, doesn't look much more exciting than the Kia..
Not sure yet if they will decide to rename the Forte for the US market as the K3. Which has been its international name for a while.


2022 Mercedes EQS: more teasers...


We have already seen the interior, but Mercedes has kept the exterior mostly secret so far. (At least the front and rear ends)
The 2022 EQS could end up being a nice surprise. Obviously shooting for the Tesla Model S. Especially with its hatchback shape.
I think it will all depend on the price. 

I know it is a "Mercedes". But if the starting price ends up being much higher than the Model S, it will have little chance to really compete. After the EQC debacle, Mercedes really needs to show it can be a major player in the luxury EV market. And fast...

GreatWall Lighning Cat: new Chinese


That's right... This car is from GreatWall, a Chinese manufacturer. Mostly known for many years for producing various copies of foreign designs. Now they are introducing a new series of models called "cat".And this is the "Lightning Cat" one. 

No specs yet, but GreatWall is claiming their new EVs will get a range of almost 500 miles (sure they will...)

Besides the weirdo 2 tone paint treatment, I think the design is actually quite nice. Of course, this is an obvious Porsche copy. With some Hyundai Prophecy Concept thrown in. 

They will also unveil an even more obvious copy of the VW Beetle, as a 4 door EV. (more on that one very soon)

2022 Audi Q4 e-Tron: official pix...

I think this ended up looking quite nice. I kind of like it so far. It also looks like the kind of design that would even look better in person.
Sure, it's not very pure or simple. But compared to recent super sad and boring Audi designs, this isn't bad at all.
The interior though, is really, really busy. Which is too bad. But it seems a recent trend for Audi interiors.  At least there's no tablet sticking out on top of the dash.
The console also reminds me of the Mazda CX-30.

The new Q4 e-Tron is only 3 inches longer than the Q3 and has almost as much interior room as the much larger Q7. And it is 7 inches shorter than the Tesla Model Y.

The base model will have one electric motor with 201 HP and a range of around 250 miles. A higher-end model with 2 motors will get 295HP.
Pricing will start at around $44 000. Since it still qualifies for incentives, the actual price could actually drop to around $35 000 in most states or less. A lot cheaper than the "no incentives" $50 500 Long Range Tesla Model Y.
Also a lot cheaper than the larger Audi e-Tron which starts at $66 000.
And only about $5000 more than the new VW ID4.

I think $5000 might be well worth the premium over the VW.

What do you think?