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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2020 VW Golf

Although these are not official pictures yet, this is the all new 2020 VW Golf.
As predicted, looking about 95% like the current car.

Except for that futuristic interior.
Which does look pretty great.
Although it almost seems out of place in such a conservative exterior design.

Not much os known about the all new generation Golf. Except tit is not coming to the US.
As we will only get the GTI version (better than nothing...)

Much more on this very soon...

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

2021 VW ID.4

While we are not getting the cute ID.3 hatchback in the US, VW will be selling us the upcoming ID.4 Crossover.
Which will be slightly larger than the ID. And based on the exact same platform.

The photo on top is a pretty realistic illustration of what to expect.
Since it matches very closely the covered car VW showed at the Frankfurt Auto show a few weeks ago (middle pic) and prototypes of the real things (bottom)

At least, this is already looking pretty nice and really modern. Something VWs have not been for a long time.
And much nicer than the Tiguan or Atlas.

The main problem for VW will be to convince US buyers to trust them.
Not only because of the obvious Dieselgate nightmare. But also due to decades of poor reliability ratings.
Due mostly too...electrical/electronic problems.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2017 VW SportCoupe/CC

Whatever they end up calling it, this will be one good looking VW. Something we haven't seen for a while.
(I think the Euro Passat does look great, but we won't ever get it in the US.)

This is based on the Euro Passat, not the cheaper/bloated model we share with China.
But it will be a hatchback. Which is great.
Finally, and car that looks like a hatch, and actually is one.
Unlike the Civic and many others.

Sure, it is still pretty derivative.
I see some of the new Malibu here and there. (Another car that should be a hatchback)
It even reminds me of the previous Hyundai Azera.
Still, it is basically a Euro Passat hatch, and it does look good.

It has been testing lately, in the US. So we might actually be getting it.

Here is the concept from last year.
As you can tell, the production model seems really close.
Which is great.
And it didn't take them 5 years to get a production version almost ready!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Another day, another Chinese copy..

 This time, they copied some of the "almost 4 year old" VW Crossblue Concept.
(They probably figured people had waited long enough for the real thing.
And they would do a great service to the world by finally building one.)

It actually looks like a cross between the new Tiguan and the Crossblue concept.
And of course, it also looks like a cheap version of both..

This one is called the "Zotye Damai X7"
Notice that beautiful "Damai" logo on the grille. An especially classy touch.

Here is the actual Crossblue concept.

And here is the new Tiguan. The one we are still waiting for in the US.
So I'd say the Chinese clone is about 80% Tiguan, 20% Crossblue.

Whatever it looks like, I am still amazed how they are able year after year to copy western designs.
It's like a long running joke....

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

VW Beetle Dune Convertible Test Drive

I have driven a few versions of the current Beetle before. So this is a pretty familiar car to me. But this Dune model is all new.
Available as a coupe or convertible.

It is actually so new, that VW was not able to quote me a price on the car I was test driving for a week.
And while the coupe is on the VW site, the convertible version of the Dune isn't on there yet. (Last time I checked)
All I know is that my test car had a 1.8 Liter turbo. The one they use on almost every VW models in the US. With a 6 speed auto.
It didn't have features like GPS or the amazing Fender stereo system.
So I assume it is sort of a base model for the Dune series.

I was actually surprised by how much I liked the look of the car. Even the color!

In real life, it does have a great personality, and all these fake Crossover/SUV bits actually work.
The whole thing is just pretty charming.

Inside, it is standard Beetle convertible stuff. Except the colors.
Same thing here, I found myself loving that weird/odd/ and rather loud color combo.
The seats are great. And that dark yellow hue makes the interior even more fun than it is in the regular model.
The stereo worked fine. Apple CarPlay is great. But it is not as good as the great Fender system offered as an option.
No GPS but,  finally, VW offers a rear view camera on most of their cars in the US.
And it is a great system. as the camera is super sharp.
And it also comes with front warnings.
The color combo on these Dune seats looks great. At least to me...

Too bad you can't put much inside that armrest. Even my "not that big" camera couldn't even fit there. At all.
Looks like the Bug is finally getting LED tail lights. At least on the Dune version...
Looking really good.
The ugly spoiler is still there. Doing its job of "spoiling" a great design.
It just looks like a bookshelf. Quite ridiculous.
The very first thing I notice was how smooth the ride is. It feels actually smoother than the regular Beetle. The car rides a bit higher, and the 18 inch tires might be quite different.
But it really does ride almost like a luxury car. (Especially compared to the 20 inch tires on the Cascada I had a few weeks earlier)
But at the same time, the steering felt quite a bit heavier than other Beetle models.
Which is not a bad thing. Since I always feel that modern steerings are a bit too light for my taste...

Otherwise, the drive is pretty similar to other VWs with that same engine.
It is mostly smooth, and  quiet. But not as much as the competition. Especially new turbo engines from Ford and GM.
There is still a bit of turbo lag. It still feels a bit weird when starting from a stop.
Like if the engine had turn itself off. Similar to a hybrid.( Although It does not have that feature)

Otherwise it feels very solid and quiet.

The Beetle is usually rated at 25/34 MPG. (Not sure what the official numbers for the Dune are)
During my weekly drive I was able to get 25 in the City. Although it quickly went down to around 20 when I was having fun.
But on the freeway I had no problem getting over 38MPG

I really enjoyed my week with the new Beetle Dune.
More that I though I would.

It has a great, fun personality. And it drives great. The luxury car ride is an added bonus.

I am not sure of the price, but there has to be quite a premium over the regular convertible model.
Which starts at around $25 500. I would guess my test car was around $28 000. But who knows...

I couldn't help but comparing it to the Buick/Opel Cascada I was driving a few weeks earlier.
Sure, at around $37 000, it is a lot more money.
But..  For some reason, they are only about $50 a month apart when leasing.

For that $50, the Cascada is a larger, roomier car. Even though the Bug feels very solid, the Cascada feels even more substantial. With a real back seat where 2 adults can actually fit.
It also comes with much more stuff. It is larger and heavier and uses a little bit more gas. But not that much more.
And the engine is quieter and smoother.

In the most recent new car quality study from JD Powers, the Cascada scores very high as well.
While VW usually are not known for being reliable cars. (At least in the US. As they reputation in Europe is golden for some reason)

That's just a though . A very personal one, since most buyers won't really compare these two cars.
But since I really enjoyed driving both cars, I thought I would mention it...

Friday, July 08, 2016

VW Tiguan 7 seater (?)

Looks like it could be it.
(the regular 5 seater version is the grey one bellow)

Although it doesn't really look longer. At all.It almost looks like a slightly different version of the regular model.

I must say, the new Tiguan does look quite good.
In a "conservative way".

And I am sure it will be a much bigger hit in the US than the current version.
It is a bit larger and should be cheaper too.

This might very well become the best seller for them over here.  As the Jetta is running out of steam...

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VW Jetta GLI Test Drive

 The current Jetta came out almost 6 years ago.
Yes, 6 years.

And for all that criticism of being boring and uninspired, I have to admit it has aged very well.
Which is usually what happens to "conservative" designs.

It is a pretty good looking car. And the GLI version I had for a week looked quite upscale.
(The 18 inch wheels helped a lot).

I had actually a couple of "non car fans" friends who though it looked great.

Inside, not much has changed in the past 6 years.
(They really missed the opportunity with the 2014 "facelift")

Some bits are still a bit too cheap. Although the dash is now covered in soft plastic (At least on the GLI) And the piano black finish looks much better than the horrible fake metal finish I've seen before (Which might well be still around in other versions)

Everything feels very solid and well put together. And the doors to have that solid "german car sound" when you close them.
It's no Audi A6, but it does feel more substantial than the Japanese competition.
The rear seat is as roomy as ever. In effect, the current Jetta is about as roomy as most mid sized cars around.
Carplay is now standard. And it works great.
The Fender system is still fantastic.

The first thing I noticed, as usual with most new VWs, is the sound of the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.
It does have a gravely sound that most other small engines don't have.
And it still does sound like a quiet diesel a bit. (Especially when pushed)

People blame that sound on Direct Inection. But I don't, since other manufacturers also have Direct Injection engines and they are much quieter and smoother.

Although once warmed up, things are Lexus quiet at idle.

The steering is still a little bit too light. Especially for the sporty GLI version.
It is precise, smooth and turns really well. But it could have a little more weight to it.

The shifting is really smooth. But just like all VW's 6 speeds (Not the 5 speed for some reason), 1st gear is a bit hard to engage at times.
The clutch is very smooth and forgiving.

Now for what I think is actually the worst part of the car: The ride.
Of course it will be firm, which is expected. But most of the time, it is just uncomfortable.
Unless the road is smooth as glass.
The worse is for the rear passengers. Where it really becomes bad.
Everyone I had in the back were complaining. Most hadn't felt such a hard ride in a long time.

I do prefer a firm ride, especially in a sporty car. But to be that uncomfortable for passengers is not great. Especially in a roomy sedan.
Where people, and small kids might ride in the back.
(I would hate to see a small child shaking around in a car seat back there...)

The Jetta GLI was quite a joy to drive for a week.
It is a very engaging car.

After a while, the gravely sound of the engine became a "charming personality trait".
But the rough ride was never described as "charming". Ever...By anyone...

The GLI manual is rated at 23City/33HWY.
I did get 23 in the city but had no problem getting 41/42 on the highway.

The model I had was a GLI SE.
Which came pretty loaded, with heated seats, the great Fender stereo, Carplay, a sunroof etc..
And it was priced at $27 740 including destination ($820)

I think this is a lot of car for the money.
I mean this is a similar engine Audi uses an most of its (Much more expensive) models.
And one of the rare sedans you can actually get with a 6 speed manual.
The design has actually aged very well, and could be described as "pretty classy" now.

The problem is, I am not sure when a next one is out. I mean, 6 years is a long time for a car.
And we haven't heard anything about a next generation yet. (Which means it's probably still a couple of years away...)

But for now, the current Jetta GLI is just a fun car priced right.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

VW Jetta GLI Test Drive. Delivery notes

Again, I just got this and will be reporting on it during the week.
And I got lucky. As i is the 6 speed manual version.

There there will be some fun this week!

So far, it does feel a bit less powerful than the GTI (Like someone commented/explained on my previous post)
Shifting is easy and quick.
Steering is still a bit light. There doesn't seem to be much difference between this and the regular Jetta.

More to come.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another day, another VW concept....

VW can't seem to be able to come out with new models, but they sure can introduce plenty of concepts...
So here is yet another one. For the Beijing auto show.
Another SUV/Crossover concept. While they still have not introduced the production version of the 2013 Crossblue Concept. And the new Tiguan is still over a year away for the US market.

A company ran by hamsters....

Thursday, March 03, 2016

VW Passat test drive. Part one. (How about these lights)

 I just got a new VW Passat for the week. I will be reporting on it a few times.
But today, I just wanted to talk about the optional LED Light package.

Which is actually really cool. The revised Passat still looks very conservative outside.
Even though I think the new front end does feel more modern. And closer to the Euro Model we don't get over here.
But it's another story at night. The LED light show looks pretty amazing.
It's all LED, all the time.
All of a sudden, the Passat is more of a futuristic sight. But only at night.

Same thing for the rear lights.
Too bad they didn't redesign the whole light to better match the LED design.
(Like it is in the Euro Model)

But, all that crazy light show doesn't come cheap.
My test car is a very well equipped SE model.
And the package is a $1245 option.

So I actually don't think I would get it if I were to buy a Passat.

Still, a really cool upscale option.

Monday, February 29, 2016

All new VW Phideon

That is quite a surprise...

An all new VW sedan. Positioned between the Passat and the "aging" Phaeton.
For now, this is mostly for the Chinese market.
Although it is presented at the Geneva auto show.

Here are the official words from VW. Trying to explain the car:
" This innovative and luxurious four door car is positioned above the Passat, and thus in the premium segment"... Okay...
Wait, there is more:
"This avant-garde model, designed in Europe for our style-conscious Chinese customers, was born"

It is said to have the new face of upcoming VW sedans, and, wait for this ... has a  "Powerful rear section"
Now, THAT has to be the best "PR BS" quote ever...

Even with all these fancy descriptions, it just looks like a big 2011 Jetta with a stupid name...