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Thursday, October 31, 2019

New 2021 Kia Optima illustrations

It looks like someone quickly made a couple of new illustrations, following the info we got from the recently released official teaser sketches.
They more or less match the official stuff and the spy shots we have seen so far.

Although I really hope the final design is a bit more dynamic than this. The side crease also looks quite weird (although it is featured in the official sketches). Maybe that is because it really doesn't fit with the super straight line underneath it...

Let's just hope the real thing looks better...

Monday, August 01, 2016

2018 Acura TLX

This is actually pretty sad. The TLX isn't a super exiting car.
But it has been getting really good reviews.
In general, Acuras are really good cars.

And that ugly "Shield" grille had finally been toned down so much, it actually almost looked fine.
(Especially in the revised version of the  smaller ILX)
To the point that I thought it was pretty OK in the TLX.

But it looks like it will soon be getting the "even uglier" new grille design from the 2017 MDX.
And you can pretty much bet the ghastly new design will be crafted on all other Acura models.

(Just like that new horrific grille from the Lincoln Continental. Which is now ruining the MKZ design.)

Of course, design is a matter of taste. But I really think this old fashion, plasticky
 big grille (now useless) design has to go. It does not imply luxury anymore.
It just looks tacky and cheap.

It seems that Acura  has really lost it as far as design goes. They seem completely lost.
They are now mixing boring and ugly.
Which never, ever works...

One phone call to a good designer could fix most of that mess. Really.
They need to put their ego aside and realize they just can't do it and call for help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

VW Beetle Dune Convertible Test Drive

I have driven a few versions of the current Beetle before. So this is a pretty familiar car to me. But this Dune model is all new.
Available as a coupe or convertible.

It is actually so new, that VW was not able to quote me a price on the car I was test driving for a week.
And while the coupe is on the VW site, the convertible version of the Dune isn't on there yet. (Last time I checked)
All I know is that my test car had a 1.8 Liter turbo. The one they use on almost every VW models in the US. With a 6 speed auto.
It didn't have features like GPS or the amazing Fender stereo system.
So I assume it is sort of a base model for the Dune series.

I was actually surprised by how much I liked the look of the car. Even the color!

In real life, it does have a great personality, and all these fake Crossover/SUV bits actually work.
The whole thing is just pretty charming.

Inside, it is standard Beetle convertible stuff. Except the colors.
Same thing here, I found myself loving that weird/odd/ and rather loud color combo.
The seats are great. And that dark yellow hue makes the interior even more fun than it is in the regular model.
The stereo worked fine. Apple CarPlay is great. But it is not as good as the great Fender system offered as an option.
No GPS but,  finally, VW offers a rear view camera on most of their cars in the US.
And it is a great system. as the camera is super sharp.
And it also comes with front warnings.
The color combo on these Dune seats looks great. At least to me...

Too bad you can't put much inside that armrest. Even my "not that big" camera couldn't even fit there. At all.
Looks like the Bug is finally getting LED tail lights. At least on the Dune version...
Looking really good.
The ugly spoiler is still there. Doing its job of "spoiling" a great design.
It just looks like a bookshelf. Quite ridiculous.
The very first thing I notice was how smooth the ride is. It feels actually smoother than the regular Beetle. The car rides a bit higher, and the 18 inch tires might be quite different.
But it really does ride almost like a luxury car. (Especially compared to the 20 inch tires on the Cascada I had a few weeks earlier)
But at the same time, the steering felt quite a bit heavier than other Beetle models.
Which is not a bad thing. Since I always feel that modern steerings are a bit too light for my taste...

Otherwise, the drive is pretty similar to other VWs with that same engine.
It is mostly smooth, and  quiet. But not as much as the competition. Especially new turbo engines from Ford and GM.
There is still a bit of turbo lag. It still feels a bit weird when starting from a stop.
Like if the engine had turn itself off. Similar to a hybrid.( Although It does not have that feature)

Otherwise it feels very solid and quiet.

The Beetle is usually rated at 25/34 MPG. (Not sure what the official numbers for the Dune are)
During my weekly drive I was able to get 25 in the City. Although it quickly went down to around 20 when I was having fun.
But on the freeway I had no problem getting over 38MPG

I really enjoyed my week with the new Beetle Dune.
More that I though I would.

It has a great, fun personality. And it drives great. The luxury car ride is an added bonus.

I am not sure of the price, but there has to be quite a premium over the regular convertible model.
Which starts at around $25 500. I would guess my test car was around $28 000. But who knows...

I couldn't help but comparing it to the Buick/Opel Cascada I was driving a few weeks earlier.
Sure, at around $37 000, it is a lot more money.
But..  For some reason, they are only about $50 a month apart when leasing.

For that $50, the Cascada is a larger, roomier car. Even though the Bug feels very solid, the Cascada feels even more substantial. With a real back seat where 2 adults can actually fit.
It also comes with much more stuff. It is larger and heavier and uses a little bit more gas. But not that much more.
And the engine is quieter and smoother.

In the most recent new car quality study from JD Powers, the Cascada scores very high as well.
While VW usually are not known for being reliable cars. (At least in the US. As they reputation in Europe is golden for some reason)

That's just a though . A very personal one, since most buyers won't really compare these two cars.
But since I really enjoyed driving both cars, I thought I would mention it...

Friday, July 22, 2016

2018 Honda Accord

A reader sent me this picture of an upcoming toy car.
And it looks a lot like the next Honda Accord.

At least it could be.
An all new Accord is due out next year. A big year for mid sized sedans since an all new Toyota Camry will join the party at around the same time.

The new Accord is based on a longer version of the current Civic. So it will actually be a bit shorter than the current model.
Also expect a 2.0 Liter turbo to replace the V6. Not sure if the base engine will still be the 2.4 Liter or the newer 1.5 Liter Turbo.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

2018 Kia GT

Kia has been testing a production version (top) of the 2011 GT Concept (bottom)for a while.
As you can see, it looks fine and pretty much ready to go.

And, pretty close to the concept.
But it's been 5 years. Five-years....

So nothing futuristic here.

Seems like it could be based on the Hyundai Genesis sedan. Which will be rebadged the
Genesis G80 or G70 very soon.

Which I guess would then , be... competing with Genesis.
These guys don't really seem to have a clear separate path for both brands.
Kia and Hyundai.
Looks like Kia now competes with both Hyundai and Genesis.

The good part is, it will probably be yet another really nice design from Kia.
So I really can't wait to see the final model.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2017 Peugeot 3008

just a couple more pictures of that all new futuristic interior.
Pretty hard to judge the quality from these low rez shots. (Or any picture for that matter)
But this looks really nice.
The whole thing does feel like the 21st century.
Funny how this Peugeot interior does feel much more modern than many designs from Citroen. 
Isn't it supposed to be the opposite???

 Here is the current version of the 3008., which came out back in 2008.

Still looking OK after 8 years. Especially inside.
The exterior never knew if it was supposed to be an SUV or not. It seems.
It always looked a bit confused to me.

The next one is rumored to be a full on SUV/Crossover design.
Which, I guess, is the trend now.
Everyone wants that. Everywhere.

At least they really try to make the interior stand out.
Which is what I think Subaru should be doing.
If you are quirky and different, your designs should reflect it.

Just like the first iMac did. It was just the same stuff inside as their previous, supper boring looking, beige computers.
But it looked like something people wanted to get. And they did. Millions of them.

Fun doesn't have to be weird either (Someone please explain that to Toyota and their new Prius)

So, maybe we'll see this interior in person. Maybe the next 3008 will be part of that ride sharing system Peugeot is setting up for the US.

Who knows...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2017 Hyundai Ioniq US version

Still a really good looking car. In my opinion.
I do hope this sells a lot and steals from the new Prius. With its inexcusable ugly design.

But.. The final specs aren't that great.

As mentioned before, there are there versions.
The regular Hybrid is powered by a 1.6 Liter engine and a 6 speed auto. A total of 139HP
No MPG specs yet.

The Plug-in version has a range of "more than 25 miles".
Sure, that is better than the new Prius Hybrid's 22 miles. But we are in 2016!
When a Volt gets over 53 miles on EV mode.
So this is kind of disappointing. Unless it is price really well. Which means much less than the Prius.

Finally, an all electric version is available.
With a 110 miles range. Again, not that great. It matches the latest version of the Leaf.
But an all new Leaf is scheduled for next year.
And the 200 miles Bolt is around the corner.
So again, pricing will be key. This needs to be cheaper than the Leaf equivalent.

The Ioniq seems really cool, but doesn't bring anything really new. Or more advanced than the competition.

At least it looks good.

Monday, February 29, 2016

All new VW Phideon

That is quite a surprise...

An all new VW sedan. Positioned between the Passat and the "aging" Phaeton.
For now, this is mostly for the Chinese market.
Although it is presented at the Geneva auto show.

Here are the official words from VW. Trying to explain the car:
" This innovative and luxurious four door car is positioned above the Passat, and thus in the premium segment"... Okay...
Wait, there is more:
"This avant-garde model, designed in Europe for our style-conscious Chinese customers, was born"

It is said to have the new face of upcoming VW sedans, and, wait for this ... has a  "Powerful rear section"
Now, THAT has to be the best "PR BS" quote ever...

Even with all these fancy descriptions, it just looks like a big 2011 Jetta with a stupid name...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Aston Martin DB11

 Once again, Aston Martin does not disappoint.
This is a stunning looking car. As it should be.

Not sure about the specs yet, but we are talking about a 5.4 Liter V12. So, plenty of power.
And cachet.

They took a few chances with the design, like their version of the currently popular "floating roof".
But it seems to be working.

A true Aston Martin for the 21st Century.
Looking at this picture, I can't help wondering about this non existent front bumper.
I mean, the hood part sticks out more than the lower "bumper" part.
Have regulations changed that much?

Same thing with the rear where the trunk opening seems to stick out further than than the rest of the car. (Which I have seen in countless SUVs over here. And even some hatchbacks)

So they don't need any bumpers anymore?

Monday, January 04, 2016

All new 2017 Mercedes E-Class

Finally we see the real thing (After discovering the interior a few weeks ago)

And it is exactly what was excepted. A larger C-class. Or a smaller S-class.
Although the design seems a bit simpler than these other models.

I think it does work very well. And will age pretty nicely too. Which is a great selling point for the E-class. Very tasteful, nothing obnoxious.

No one besides current Mercedes owners and car nerds will really notice this car.
Which is just fine. All it needs to do is say "Mercedes".

And it does...

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

2017 Volvo S90

 Here it is, finally. The new "big" Volvo sedan, after 10 years of the current S80.
(Which, i must say, aged quite well)
Lower and sportier, It looks much better than the XC90 it is based on.
The interior is even better. Closer to the concept we saw last year.

In real life, the XC-90 interior is superb. It feels like a cocoon in a tank.

Otherwise, nothing crazy here, just very elegant. (Although the rear view seems a bit "heavy")
And still much more original than an Audi A6.
BMW and Mercedes owners will probably stick to their choices, as they usually do.

And it should be priced bellow the $50 000 XC-90 (?)

And look at this!
I posted earlier this door picture from the all new Jaguar XF. (A car that starts at $52 000)
Above it is the new S90.

I mean really. the difference is so amazing that it could be funny.
Or we could be crying about what Jaguar has become...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2017 Buick Lacrosse

Again, the current Lacrosse is a car I really enjoy. So I don't think this is such a improvement, really.
I mean it is nice. But I really was expecting something more.
Something a bit closer to last year's Avenir concept.

The interior is very nice too. But so is the current one.
And that soft scoop over the rear wheels is a bit too reminiscent of what they've already done on a bunch of other GM cars. Like the Impala, new Malibu and even the new Cruze.