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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2022 VW Teramont: new interior pix...


As I mentioned in the previous post, the Chinese version of the VW Atlas just received an all-new interior design. While our US Atlas has to soldier on with the lame interior from 2017. It looked old then and is really behind the times now. 

While the new Chinese interior is light years ahead of what we have over here. 

I guess we shouldn't be surprised since the US has been VW's center of "lack of attention" for decades now. They just don't seem interested in competing.

Somehow they sold around 83 000 of these in the US, and that must be enough for them. 
(The Chevy Traverse sold over 125 000 units last year. While the Honda Pilot was at 123 000)


Monday, May 17, 2021

2021/22 VW Teramont/Atlas: another new VW interior...

The VW Teramont is the Chinese version of our Atlas. It came out before the Atlas, in 2016.
Our Atlas Cross Sport is called Teramont X over there. 

While both the Teramont and Atlas got a few changes for 2021, the Chinese model also got a heavily revised interior. (top pix) And it is a huge improvement over the lame interior the US Atlas has had all these years. (bottom) The whole console is also new. (Hard to tell about the doors from these photos...)

Again, this is a case of VW spending more cash to satisfy Chinese customers and offer them a much more updated model. 
Over here, it seems the "good enough" motto is still VW's business model for the US market.

I always thought the Atlas interior was bad, but this makes it even worse...


2022 VW Tiguan: new interior...


That's right. The revised 2022 VW Tiguan is getting a "new" interior. At least an all-new dashboard. 
In China...

As you can see (bottom pic) the US model is only getting small changes inside. Like trim and new climate controls. But the Chinese version (top) is getting an all-new dashboard.

I guess you spend money where you make money. And the Chinese market is probably where VW is making the most profits these days. 

Which one do you prefer? 
Ours (Same as in Europe), with a few changes.
Or the Chinese model. 

And by the way, China is also getting a plug-in hybrid version of the Tiguan...

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid: coming soon...

When the new generation Mitsubishi Outlander came out recently, it didn't include a Plug-in hybrid version. As the previous generation did.

But the electrified new Outlander is actually coming soon. And it is rumored to have an EV range of over 60 miles. Even if the US rating ends up being closer to 50 miles, it will be a huge improvement over the current model's 24 miles range.

I think Mitsubishi should only sell the PHEV model in the US. Since the new Outlander is very close to the Nissan Rogue. For basically the same price. Which is ridiculous.

A PHEV-only model would not compete directly with the Rogue. And with a range of 50 miles or more, could be a very attractive alternative to EVs. Especially after various incentives.

The current, 2021 PHEV model, starts at $36 300, before incentives. (Or $265 lease)


Friday, May 14, 2021

Next-generation Toyota Prius: early spy shots...

Apparently, this is a Toyota. Although it's not the new EV that's coming out next year.
And from the front end, it does look like a Prius, doesn't it...

This would mean that, like everything else, the Prius would become a crossover. It started life as a small sedan. Then went to a larger hatchback design. Now it might adopt an SUV shape.
I guess why not. Since this could be the only way to keep the Prius brand name popular these days.

Although I am not sure this will be embraced by many Prius fans. Who do not want an SUV.

Since Toyota is now making their Hybrid system standard in more and more models (like the Venza and Sienna), I would expect this to be offered as a plug-in hybrid only.
 Still, Toyota will really need to increase the EV range to keep the new Prius relevant. The 25 miles range of the current Prius Prime is just ridiculous. Even the RAV 4 Plug-in does much better with 42 miles.

In my perfect world, the new Prius should get at least 60/70 miles of EV range to make it worthwhile.
Could they even stretch it to 100 miles? Is that even possible. (That would really put the Prius back on the map...)

What do you think?

(Thanks to a reader for these!)


2022 Ford Evos: new pix...

I think the new Ford Evos looks pretty nice. In a weird way, it is a modern version of the Honda Crosstour. Which, along with the Acura ZDX, was ahead of its time.

There is still a lot going on upfront. Scoops, black plastic crap, etc... But in that last pic, the 3rd version from the top looks better IMO. The black roof doesn't seem to work on this car. This one also seems to have less of that plastic stuff.

Of course, Ford has said the Evos wasn't coming here. (exactly what they used to say about the Ranger Pick-up). But it has been caught testing in the US. And I think they will modify it a bit, give it another name and bring it over.
As the long-rumored "Fusion replacement".


Thursday, May 13, 2021

2022 Mercedes GLC: new illustration...

 I guess the new GLC is scheduled to be the next new Mercedes we see. Unless the new SL beats it.

The GLC is a very important car for Mercedes. As it is the brand's most popular car in the US. At over $43 000 to start, it's far from cheap. And quite expensive for a 4 cylinder car. No matter what, I still think a car of this price should really have a 6 cylinder standard. I have never driven one, but I hear the Mercedes 2.0 Liter isn't the smoothest thing. (it always sound quite rough and cheap from the outside)

Still, the next generation will probably be even more popular. I also think it's about time for Mercedes to electrify things a bit in the US. They already offer many plug-in hybrid models in Europe. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

2022 VW Tiguan: few changes...


The VW Tiguan is getting a few changes for 2022. Mostly a new front end and some trim bits.
The interior seems to be pretty much the same as before. And it was already very "conservative" 4 years ago. There's some new tech and safety stuff of course. 
LED headlights are now standard. VW's digital cockpit is available.
The same old 2.0 Liter returns. Which means things aren't faster or smoother. (That engine was pretty rough when pushed)
Which I guess is fine for most people.

The Tiguan is a roomy SUV for its price. Otherwise, it doesn't really offer anything special. (Unlike the 1st generation) And still doesn't...

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

2022 BMW X1: new illustration...


I guess there is another BMW X1 on its way. It's hard to keep track of all these BMW SUVs these days. There's always a new one "on the way", and they all look the same to me...

Sales of the smallest BMW SUV went down pretty sharply lately. From a hight of almost 31 000 sold in 2017, to less than 14 500 last year. I guess making the driving experience more and more generic doesn't work that well for those seeking a true German car experience...

2023 Subaru Solterra: teasers...

The 2023 Subaru Solterra will be Subaru's 1st EV. And is being "developed" with Toyota.

In this case, "developed with..." is code for "they're the same car".

As you can see from the teaser above compared to the Toyota BZ4X, the 2 cars are much more than just similar. They are basically the same car. Just like the Toyota 86GT and Subaru BRZ.
Which is, of course, pretty sad.
Selling a version of Toyota's EV is not really Subaru's best way to enter the EV market. It is, however, the cheapest way to do it, of course.
But I am not sure selling Toyota clones is the best long-term strategy for the brand. This should have at least looked like a Subaru.

Do Subaru buyers really want a Toyota?


Monday, May 10, 2021

Mercedes Concept EQT: Vs. Renault Kangoo..


Mercedes has been selling a Renault Kangoo clone in Europe for a while. Called the Citan.

Since a redesigned Kangoo came out, Mercedes is teasing their new model, still based on the Renault.

The Kangoo is basically Renault's equivalent to the Ford Transit Connect. A small cargo van also available as a more family-oriented version. Same thing with the Fiat Doblo/Ram Pro Master.

This time around, it looks like Mercedes is making much more of an effort to make sure their version doesn't look like the cheaper Renault Model. Regular versions will now be called the T-Class. (Using Renault engines) While the EV is, of course, the EQT.

Pretty sure this will never come to the US. Although a small luxurious Electric van could really be a cool thing...

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Honda N7X Concept: Vs. next-generation CR-V...


I am not saying the new Honda N7X concept is the next CR-V. But it looks pretty close...

The new N7X concept is previewing a new 7 seater model for the Indonesian market. (And probably India as well.)
While the next CR-V will not seat 7, the concept's design looks pretty close to the CR-V prototype caught a few weeks ago. Even though they do look similar, the N7X is based on the smaller Honda City. So it is probably quite a bit smaller than the CR-V.

Still, it might give us a preview of what the next CR-V will look like. 

I really hope the next CR-V turns out to be more interesting. Although Honda might pull a "2022 Civic" and make the next generation even more conservative. Looking like this concept. Which would be sad...

Friday, May 07, 2021

2022/23 Mazda CX-50: new photos...

From what we can see so far, the all-new Mazda CX-50 will look pretty familiar. It will keep most of the current CX-5's design language. With a little bit of the MX-30 thrown in.
And you can already see the huge black plastic wheel cladding similar to the CX-30. You know, the ones everybody hates. For some reason, Mazda refused to listen to anyone and decided we are all wrong. 
The new CX-50 will replace the CX-5. And will be based on an all-new RWD platform. A new 3.0 Liter Inline 6 cylinder will be an option.

The whole package could be one of the most attractive in its segment. If they can keep the whole thing affordable... And if all that black plastic doesn't look too goofy on a more expensive model.


Wednesday, May 05, 2021

2022 Kia Sportage: another spy pic...

It seems we have been seeing spy shots of the next Kia Sportage forever. And here is another one. Again, not showing anything new really...

We'll be seeing the whole thing next month. 

New Fiat SUV: first pix...


This is a new small Fiat SUV, smaller than the 500X (and not nearly as good-looking). So far, this is only for South America. 
Engines will be small as well. A 1.3 Liter with 109 HP is the base engine. While you can get a 1.0 Liter Turbo with over 120 HP as an option.

I think this could be anything from anyone. Again... Besides the giant FIAT logo, there's actually nothing at all that tells us what it is. The grille actually looks a lot like recent Chinese Ford models...

So sad...

Monday, May 03, 2021

New Fiat SUV: teaser...

Fiat is teasing us with a picture of a new small SUV.
It will be mostly targeted at the South American market. But, could eventually be sold in Europe.
Not sure about the US, since the whole "Fiat thing" is on shaky grounds here. And has been for years.

Also not sure if this is a replacement for the 500X or something smaller. Who knows...