Saturday, May 14, 2022

2023 Toyota Celica: not...

These are really nice illustrations of what a new generation Toyota Celica could look like.
And I think this would look quite right for a new Celica. Even with the Lexus-inspired rear end.

But there will not be a new Celica. With 7 generations from 1970 to 2006, it had a great run.
These days, it has pretty much been replaced by the GR86. Starting at around $28 000, it takes the Celica's place as the affordable Toyota Coupe.
Although the Celica was always a very trendy car. Every generation was a very modern design for its time. And sometimes even ahead of others.
By comparison, the GR86 is pretty blah. Especially seeing the 2nd generation looking so much like the 1st.
Each Celica design was very different...

Enjoy these original ads from various Celica generations over the years:


2023 BMW 3 series: the facelift...


As usual, after just a few years, these things get a few changes to keep them fresh.
In the case of the BMW 3 series, it means adding a lot of plastic crap. Although the headlights are a little simpler, that huge lower plastic grille looks pretty terrible. 
While the rear ends seem to imitate the 4 series. (Or the i4?)
And of course, the interior gets the double screens.

If you liked regular dials in the BMW, you'd better get one right now...

Is this an improvement???

Friday, May 13, 2022

2023 VW Tavendor: another large Chinese VW SUV...

Yes. VW doesn't seem to have enough SUVs for the Chinese market. And they are soon adding this new  Tavendor to their already crowded lineup.
I think it's actually pretty good-looking. Much nicer than any of the SUVs they're selling over here.

The new Tavendor is about 4 inches shorter than our Altas. And I think it would make a very nice replacement. The Atlas never looked great. One of these designs that seemed old when it was new.
And it has had a terrible and cheap-looking interior since day one.

Something like this would really be a step up.
At least for a few years, until some big electric I.D model takes over...


2023 Honda CR-V: leaking...

These new photos of the next-generation CR-V match the spy shots we have seen before. And especially the patent design illustrations I posted earlier
So this is it.
Looking like a cross between the current CR-V and the Pilot. Kind of... Which means, nothing really new.

This will be a very conservative redesign of Honda's most popular model in the US. Fear being the main reason for this timid endeavor.
Fear of not being as popular as the current version. 

I just wonder if that "all-new but not looking new" look will work with that many buyers. There will be the usual media blitz. Test drives from everyone, ads everywhere. Then, a few weeks later, it will just look like everything else on the road. 
Everything else from a few years ago...


Honda ZR-V: a better HR-V...

 Our 2023 Honda HR-V will be sold in China (and maybe some other markets) as the ZR-V.

And you can already see it will be a bit better than ours. At least it will have a much larger sunroof option. Something Honda seems to be against offering in the US for some odd reason. These large sunroofs are available in China on the Accord sedan. And in Europe on the CR-V.

I also bet this ZR-V will be available with a hybrid option. Something that, again, Honda has been very slow to offer in the US. The 2023 HR-V will not have a hybrid version in the US.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Fisker Pear: new teaser...

 Fisker has now an official deal with Foxconn to produce the upcoming compact Pear model.

It will be built in Ohio in the old GM plant in Lordstown. Production is expected to be up to 250 000 a year once the factory is in full swing. That's a lot of EVs! And a super optimistic figure since the super popular Tesla model 3 sold 121 610 units last year (Although they've already moved over 132 000 this year!) 

Although the Pear will be much cheaper than the Model 3 with an expected base price of $29 900. Which will be super affordable after incentives. 

As you know, Foxconn is already making tons of high-end products, like the iPhone and iPad. As well as other products for Amazon, Sony, and many other companies. But no cars yet. 

The Pear will enter production in 2024. Which means we'll see plenty of weird and fuzzy teasers before then...

So far, we can only tell it will be some kind of smallish futuristic-looking hatchback. But that's about it...

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New Scout coming: from VW...

This is something completely unexpected.
The super cool International Harvester Scout is (almost) back! As an EV.

The original Scout was produced by International Harvester between 1961 and 1980. 
There were many versions and 2 generations. The one most people remember seems to be the 2nd generation 2 door hardtop.
The original Jeep Cherokee came out a few years later, in 1974. And was obviously influenced by the Scout II.

Now we hear this "almost too weird to be true" news. VW, by acquiring Navistar International in 2020, became the new owner of the Scout name.
And they've just announced that Scout will become an all-new brand within the VW group. They've  even released these official sketches of the 2 new Scout models. One is an SUV (now with 4 doors) and a pick-up truck.
And of course, both will be EVs.
While 2026 is 3 years away, we will probably see prototypes before. Maybe as soon as next year.
Let's hope this isn't another super expensive toy competing with the new Hummer or even the Rivian trucks.

This should be positioned directly against the new Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.
Which will probably both offer pure EV versions by the time the new Scout is out.

These are original ads for the second-generation Scout. From 1978 and 1980.

They were even working on a 3rd generation before the company ran out of funds for a new SUV. From the look of these prototypes, it would have competed nicely against the smaller 2nd generation Jeep Cherokee that came out in 1984.
Again, it seems the Scout was ahead of its time.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

2023 Range Rover Sport: Vs. the Velar....


While the new 2023 Range Rover Sport does look great, I don't think it looks better than the excellent Velar.

The Velar does look sportier and lower. And the new Sport still looks much more upright and square.

So yes, they do look different. But one doesn't really look more upscale than the other.

At $ 83 000 to start, it is over $25 000 over the base Velar. Although if you want a 6-cylinder in the Velar, it will set you back at least $65 000. 

The base Range Rover Sport engine in the US will be the 3.0 Liter I6 with 355HP. A PHEV will also be available. With 434HP and an excellent and very useable 48 miles EV range. Unfortunately, the cool PHEV powertrain is only available in the super lux Autobiography version and starts at a crazy        $105 000...

2023 Range Rover Sport: 1st official photos...

Obviously, the new 2023 Range Rover Sport looks a lot like a shorter 2022 Range Rover. 

Which is fine since the new Range Rover looks great. And instantly recognizable, like a Porsche 911 or a Jeep Wrangler.

Although now, I'm afraid the new Sport looks a lot like the Range Rover Velar. Which is actually much cheaper. And also great looking. 

Just like the Velar and Range Rover, the new Sport looks a lot cleaner and simpler. The new interior is a lot like the new Range Rover as well. Except for a new console design and steering wheel.

And of course, it will be a 5-seater with no 3rd row available. 

I sat in the new Range Rover and it is a fantastic looking luxury SUV in person. But so is the Velar. With this new competition from a much cheaper model, I'm not really sure who the new Sport is for? Except for current owners who want to trade in for the new model. 

2023 Audi Q5: new illustrations...

These new illustrations of the 2023 Audi Q5 look very close to the spy shots (bottom pic) we have already seen of the next-generation German SUV.
The wider and thinner grille is a good improvement over the current model. (although these fake side vents really have to go...)
And the whole thing seems pretty classy and upscale. In that "quiet" Audi way.

Audi sold over 60 000 of these in the US last year. Not bad at all for a 5-year-old model. It is also better than the Mercedes GLC, also in its last year for the current generation. Which will be its main competition. But also newcomers like the Genesis GV70.

And it will soon go against a future mid-size e-Tron model between the Q4 e-Tron and larger e-Tron. Sure, the e-Tron models are more expensive, before incentives. 
Just like the current Q3 kind of competes with the new Q4 e-Tron these days.
The electric model is only about $7000 more than the regular Q3. Which means it costs less than the ICE model if you qualify for various incentives. 

This new Q5 could end up costing more than the upcoming mid-size e-Tron for most customers.
Sales will end up being shared with these 2 models and I don't think the "regular" Q5 will ever be as popular as it has been.


Saturday, May 07, 2022

2023/24 Toyota Tacoma: new spy shots...

Obviously, the next-generation Toyota Tacoma isn't going to re-invent the segment. As it looks like a cross between the current generation and the new Tundra.
Unfortunately, it also looks like it will inherit a huge grille design inspired by the Tundra. 
Speaking of huge, it also looks really big. At least on these photos taken next to a Chevrolet full-size SUV.
I had no idea, but they still sold over 250 000 of these last year! (The current generation came out in 2015)

This is a big deal for Toyota. Although a new Nissan Frontier came out last year. And a new Ranger and next-generation Colorado/Canyon are coming out in a few months. 
Bringing more competition.