Wednesday, December 29, 2021

BYD electric convertible: new photos...


I posted early spy shots of this car a few days ago HERE.

This new electric convertible is based on the new Han EVsedan. Which starts at around $33 000 in China. So what we see here could actually be an affordable 4 seater electric convertible. 
And will obviously beat the new electric convertible from Lexus to the market.
Although that market will probably "just" be China.
Since the Han EV doesn't seem to be sold in other markets so far.

Sure, the proportions are a bit weird and the design is OK. (kind of a new electric Chrysler Sebring) Plus, that convertible hardtop is very "15 years ago".
Still, I really like that some people around the world aren't giving up on the convertible body style.
Especially during this major transition to "all-electric".

I guess in the US our only electric convertible choice will be that Lexus. And hopefully, an electric version of the next-generation Mustang.


Doug said...

So how do you operate a giant touch screen with the top down?? Seems like that would be extra hard.

Anonymous said...

Perfect car for Florida!