Thursday, October 21, 2021

Tesla Cyber Truck: another spy shot...

Still pretty bad and grainy, but this is a slightly better pic than the one I posted yesterday.
Again, this is very, very close to the concept from 2 years ago.

Mandatory side mirrors seem to be the main difference. I also wonder if these lower lights units are now the main headlights. The truck will also need windshield wipers, which the newer prototype seems to show (kinda...)

I am really glad the pick-up truck design gets a bit of a shake-up. These things have been looking the same for decades. With grilles getting larger and larger with each redesign. While I am not a big fan of this design (yet), it is so refreshing to see something new and totally different. As well as the great-looking new Rivian.
From photos I have seen, I always thought the Cyber Truck was much larger than a Ford F-150.
But at 232 inches long, it isn't.

If they can really deliver a base model for around $40 000, the full-size pick-up market could expect a major shake-up. 
Although it is a bit worrisome that Tesla has just removed the "estimated price" from their official CyberTruck page. I am also not sure the truck market is ready for something with no steering wheel.

The true game-changer would be a compact version. Something that would not only attract even more buyers but could also be sold in Europe and many more countries. 

Blade Runner trucks for everyone!



Gromit said...

They appear to have dropped the bottom of the windshield down to the base of the A-pillar, which is an improvement.

And the nose seems shallower and less angled back at either side.

It's still a weird-looking vehicle though, and not something I'd consider ahead of a Rivian if I wanted an e-truck.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Gromit, my observations as well. Plus: the C pillar is now at the apex of the roof not on the decline of the roof; in addition: does anyone see larger, more pronounced tires in the rear?

TiredOfWaiting said...

please God. Make it stop.