Saturday, June 26, 2021

2022 Toyota Prius C/Aqua: new generation on its way...

That's really weird... The Prius C was canceled in the US a couple of years ago. With no direct replacement. Now we get these photos of a new generation model. With no camouflage and ready to go.
The Prius C was sold under the name "Aqua" in Japan. And they were both pretty much the same car.

Not sure yet if the new generation will make it to the US or not. Also no specs yet. The previous generation was rated at 48MPG City and 43MPG Highway. 
A new one would need to improve on that by quite a bit to be relevant. Or be a decent plug-in hybrid. (Which could actually be very nice)



themem756blog said...

I gotta say ... Toyota has been struggling to hide their all-new cars lately. Anyways, this one in specific, I approve it. It looks awesome, and remembers me alot to the rendering they made a while ago. I think this will be the best Prius overall, I'm looking forward to look at the rear end too.

Unknown said...

Given the Aqua was the best selling car in Japan for years, I see that this justifies even a Japan only version (and I guess just like the previous generation, it's basically a Yaris Hybrid with a longer wheelbase, so not that much new engineering required);

Btw., teh new Yaris hybrid does offer quite stellar real life economy, so i guess this will too, even better given the more aerodynamic shape.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty mild refresh of the same car.