Wednesday, February 03, 2021

2022 VW ID6: early photos...

So far, it seems like the all-new VW ID6 will look pretty close to the IR Roomzz Concept from 2019.

Back then, VW had mentioned a production version would come out in 2021 with a 280 miles range. (The red car and the last pic are from the concept). If the exterior of the production model is quite close to the concept, I really don't think the production interior will look that futuristic.

The new ID6 will of course be larger and more expensive than the ID4. The concept was in between a tesla model Y and Model X in size. 



Adrian said...

the rose gold car... what a mess, from the front it looks like someone squeezed the car in the middle of the hood and the bottom of the spoiler, the rear i just huge jumble of horizontal lines ... what happened to actual bumpers? the bottom part of the tailgate seems quite vulnerable to parking lot mishaps.

Anonymous said...

Needs to go into the body shop to straighten out that bar in the front.