Tuesday, October 06, 2020

2021/22 Fiat 500: tiny suicide door option?


Not actually sure if this is real or not. It looks so weird. And useless!

The bottom pic is one of the all-new Fiat 500 EV. A slightly larger model than the current one. And available only (so far) as an EV.
There have been rumors of a longer model. maybe one with even 4 doors. But also rumors about a longer model with a 3rd 'suicide" type door. Like the old Saturn Coupe of BMW i3.
But the size of that 3rd door pictured here (top) is actually ridiculous. And would really make the car more practical. or would it???


Anonymous said...

On a small car like this every little inch helps with ingress/egress. I love the fact that they didnt shorten the passenger front door to make this happen. Love it! (PS. I own an Abarth 500 so i may be a bit biased)

Anonymous said...

Suicide doors only work when you open the door in front of it so this will actually be a relatively large entryway to get into the back seat.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but tiny little suicide doors on cars make my heart swell with joy. Love this, and it makes perfect sense for rear passengers! Unexpected too.