Monday, October 12, 2020

2021 Honda Ridgeline: a more macho look...


Honda has always had a problem with the Ridgeline. As i seems unable to find an audience.

I think a comfortable, "car" based pick-up is a great idea. But with the second generation, Honda had tried to make it look more like a truck. Which, I guess, didn't appeal to "non-truck people". At the same time, those who want a real truck have more choices than ever.
Honda's answer for 2021? Make it look more like a truck!
Which I think is both weird and stupid.

 That bigger/busier/more aggressive truck/look-alike grille is just odd and quite vulgar. Speaking of vulgar: yes, these are gold wheels!!
As part of a new HPD Package. (They officially called these 'bronze-colored')

While the interior's only change seems to be the Accord electronic gear shift. (Which is actually less "truck-like')
Honda only sold around 33 000 Ridgelines last year. 
That compares to over 122 000 units for the Chevrolet Colorado and almost 90 000 for the Ford Ranger.

A big plasticky aggressive grille and 'bronze' wheels aren't really going to help the Ridgeline, are they?


Anonymous said...


With the exception of those bronze wheels, this looks a whole helluva lot better to me. The front end was always too soft. If I'm buying a "truck," I at least want it to resemble a truck.

PeachMangoBang said...

Don't like the wheels, but I find the more aggressive look to be appealing.

Anonymous said...

new grille makes it look way better! finally macho enough to at least get some attention from shoppers looking at tacomas and rangers

tony said...

I like the attempt at a more aggressive truck look.
Hopefully the exhaust sound has been roughed up a bit to give it a little character.
I do agree with you the gold/bronze rims are not so appealing. Maybe Honda offers another rim option or in a different color!
And i think the regular, upright automatic stick shift was a far better choice to give the driver a tiny inkling he/she is driving a ''truck''.
Overall, i think most buyers will love the new truckish look and the Ridgeline will not lose any sales.

Anonymous said...

Black rims would look more aggressive than the ugly gold rims. The other updates are fine.

Anonymous said...

The electronic shifter is probably only on the highest trim model. Honda does this on other models like the Passport and Pilot on which this truck is based.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeline will never look matcho.

Anonymous said...

Welcomed update. Not a fan of the gold wheels but at least it was an attempt at something different. I like the front end however. And maybe the wheels will look better in person.