Monday, October 26, 2020

1979 Honda Accord: Sold for $7700!


It seems the old 1978 Accord my post about the 2022 Honda Accord hatchback triggered a lot of nice memories for some people. So when I saw this 1979 model sold at an auction on "Bring a trailer", I thought I would share it.

The car is said to have only 59 000 miles (at least that what it shows)
As mentioned in the title, it sold for $7700.
It was repainted and the interior (at least the seats) was redone as well.
The ugly Kamei air dam and rear louvers can easily be removed for a more original look.

Not a cheap car for a 1979 small car, but $7700 isn't that crazy for a nice, simple and charming time machine...

You can get more info and many more photos of the car HERE.


cesare monti said...

Yes Vince ... now I finally remember the silver Accord in the movie "Time after Time" about the time machine. I was really hoping to see her appear as much as possible during the film.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with vacuum hose hell. There's probably 50 feet of it under the hood.

Post it with the link or don't. Don't really care.