Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Honda EV Concept: next HR-V Preview?


As mentioned a few days ago, Honda will show a brand new Electric concept in China.

When compared to the various spy shots of the next generation HR-V we have seen earlier, (HERE) it does look a lot like it. At least, like a concept/Electric version of it. It also looks like a brand new design language for Honda.

Which is nice. Something simple than their current busy stuff would really be welcome..


FFEMT6 said...

That is one huge emblem on the front of that thing. Can't wait to see it though.

Dan said...

This is NOT the next generation HR-V

Dan said...

This is NOT the next generation HR-V.

Thanos said...

Looking forward to the new HR-V and I hope it retains the practicality of the old one. In Europe they are unfortunately offering it without CarPlay and Android Auto, otherwise I would have bought one already.