Friday, May 15, 2020

2021 Toyota Sienna

Apparently, the all-new generation Toyota Sienna will be shown on Monday.
And, as previous rumors had mentioned, it will be a hybrid-only model.
Which is great.

This will allow for great MPG as standard equipment. Which could give the new Toyota quite an edge over its competition.
With almost 74 000 sold last year, the 10-year-old current model outsold all other Minivans on the market (although there aren't that many anymore...)

I predict a standard hybrid and a much more modern design will help the Sienna stay on top for a while.


Doug said...

Finally automakers have figured out that instead of weird tin cans, what we really need are hybrids of the mainstream models everyone wants to buy.


It’s confirmed to be a hybrid by the blue badge!

Anonymous said...

Not true about Sienna Sales

Model Name 2019 Sales Volume 2018 Sales Volume Year-Over-Year Difference
Dodge Caravan 122,648 151,927 -19.3%
Honda Odyssey 99,113 106,327 -6.8%
Chrysler Pacifica 97,705 118,322 -17.4%
Toyota Sienna 73,585 87,671 -16.1%
Kia Sedona 15,931 17,928 -11.1%
Chrysler Town & Country 5

Anonymous said...

Hope it is not as small as it looks. Reason it sells the most is because it is the largest of all the minivans.

Anonymous said...

Neither party indicated their source!

Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to this, but, if now being a hybrid, I'm hoping that it will not be reduced to 4-banger powerplants, electric-enhancement or now. Reports indicate that it's supposed to grow in size, too. Perhaps it could be a 4-cylinder hybrid in lower-spec models and V6-hybrid in higher-spec models?

Vince Burlapp said...

This will probably use the same system as the new Highlander Hybrid.

Anonymous said...

If it's the system as the Highlander Hybrid, then it's going down in power from the outgoing-generation model. That's a disappointment. Unless there would be two levels of hybrids, the 4-cylinder and the higher-end V6-hybrid.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. #4 in a market of 5 (in which most have dropped over 10% in sales from the year before).. no wonder Toyota is betting on Hybrid only.