Sunday, May 24, 2020

2021 Genesis G70 interior.

As you can see, Genesis will not really change anything inside the revised G70 sedan for 2021.
While it will be getting a whole new front and rear-end design, including a new grille, bumpers, and lights. The interior will be the same. Except for, of course, a larger (wider0 screen. (not shown here)

And why not. it's already quite shocking they are changing the exterior that much so soon after the car came out. Which is kind of insulting to early buyers.


Patrick said...

It’s not insulting. Regardless of what year you buy a car, you should always expect it to be revised or replaced in the future...that’s the nature of the auto industry. Especially if you buy a car the first year it comes out.

FFEMT6 said...

Makes for at least 2 reasons you shouldn't by a vehicle in the first model year. The first one being reliability issues. The interior imo was already a great design, so I am completely fine with the minimal changes.

Patrick said...

And let’s not act like it was “so soon” after the car debuted. This facelift will apply probably to 2021 models, which is the FOURTH model year of the debuted in 2017 as a 2018 model for most markets.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's early to you but this car has been on sale for nearly 3 years in the Korean market , it's due for a refresh. The 20 g90 came out in late 2018 but the US didn't get it until last December. Will probably get it a year after it's on sale in Korea.