Monday, April 13, 2020

2021 Toyota Harrier

Just like the current model, the new Harrier is based on the RAV-4. But it still manage to look a bit like an older Lexus RX. (The first generation Harrier was an RX clone)
It also uses similar engines. 

This looks like it would very naturally fit in the Lexus lune up. As a new NX.
It looks much classier than the current overdone NX. 
Maybe it is time for Toyota to merge the Harrier and NX models.


Anonymous said...

It might be the next NX, the interior reminds me of the NX.

Patrick said...

That front overhang is TERRIBLE.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it does look more like a Lexus. Rear end gives me Jaguar vibes too

Anonymous said...

Fairly clean design, nice.

Harry_Wild said...

Toyota keeps switching front ends and brand labels for their cars for North America!