Tuesday, November 26, 2019

More pictures of the 2020 VW Golf

Fans of the Golf will love it. Since it looks like.. a Golf.
One with a really nice a modern interior. Almost futuristic.

(Looks like the new Golf is the only way to get an affordable VW with a modern interior these days...)

Everywhere except the US that is. Since the new Golf will not be sold in the US (Although I think it is scheduled for Canada at some point)
We will be getting the GTI version only. But who knows when. The new GTI is due out later this year in Europe. And probably at least another full year after that in the US...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a poor budget german car.

Anonymous said...

same old, but at least it looks more upscale and distinctive(I am stretching now.)

Anonymous said...

Pleasantly generic and contemporary for the masses. Interior armature err.. design indicates heavy reliance of interchangeable screen graphics/light show for visual entertainment as opposed to 3-dimensional sculpture. Essentially, this interior is one-step closer to a smart phone you drive - the value is in the UX/GI as opposed to fun sounds, smells and kinetics moves.