Thursday, October 17, 2019

2020 Buick Regal

As expected, the Buick Regal is getting a few changes for 2020.
Nothing major, as you can see (the new one is the bronze colored car)

Headlights appear slightly thinner and the whole front seems a bit simpler.

It is harder to see any changes on the rear design. Only the lights appear slightly changed.

The Regal is a really good car. I had the pleasure of driving the regular model as well as the sportier GS.
And they are both great. I am glad to see they didn't ruin it.

I am actually anxious to see what they did with the Tour-X version now...


Dave in Canada said...

Given I've seen less than a half dozen of these on the road in the last year, why is GM still trying to push this dead brand??

Anonymous said...

Buick has been having a field day copying Mazda lately.