Sunday, September 01, 2019

2020 Kia Mohave "in the flesh"

What a weird combo, really. this old 11 year old design, revised for 2020.
While the profile seems to be the same, and still pretty clean and modern, design as before.
The front end is pretty ghastly.
Huge grille, tacky looking chrome and LEDs everywhere. This looks like a cheap Chinese copy of the old model.

The front and rear ends of the car just don't fit with the clean profile. At all.
it also doens't fit with any modern kia design either.
At least, the all new interior seems very nice (HERE)

I guess this is a really cheap way to keep that old model alive. And make a quick buck.
Why not...


Anonymous said...

That’s one foreign model that we fortunately do not get in the US. It’s hideous!

Anonymous said...

the car design is amazing!

Anonymous said...

The Kia Borrego/Mohave is a true body on frame SUV and I have owned one since 2012 and they are the best SUV ever. Built tough and super reliable; it isn't some wannabe SUV like the unibody Telleride or Palisade. Find a Kia Borrego/Mohave if you can, most people won't part with them.