Thursday, August 01, 2019

Karma says GT Coupe could go into production.

Karma will officially debut its gorgeous Pininfarina GT Concept at the Monterey Car Week on August 15th.
If there is a demand, the car would be produced by Pininfarina in Italy as a limited run. 
No words on specs but since it is basically a coupe version of the Karma sedan, things could be very similar underneath.
Which means a 535HP engine with a 61 miles EV range.

The new sedan starts at $135 000. So I imagine a made in Italy coupe version produced in low numbers will be very expensive...

Still, it is great to see a manufacturer designing a great 2 door coupe on a world of oversized jacked-up hatchbacks.


Fart said...

Two things need to happen to make this care more successful: No center hump between the seats and a fully electric long range motor.

Anonymous said...

Good luck selling one.

FFEMT6 said...

While it does look much better than the sedan, that wheel base stretches for what seems like forever. Not a fan of the proportions on this one.