Monday, July 22, 2019

2021 Hyundai Elantra

This next-generation Elantra (top) looks larger than the current model.
But also a lot sleeker. I mean this looks almost as big as the Sonata now...

It seems that Hyundai is coming up with an all-new shape for the car. The current generation design was a more conservative evolution of the previous one.
But the 2021 models looks 100% different.
Just what they did with the new Sonata.

More pictures of the next Elantra HERE.


FFEMT6 said...

The overhang both front and rear is absolutely rediculous. Pretty sure it will also be a torsion beam rear suspension, just like the Kia Forte. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure this isn't the new Kia Optima? I mean, it's really strange we haven't seen any mules/testing yet.

Vince Burlapp said...

I know it does look rather large for an Elantra. but I have already posted at least twice prototype pictures of the next Optima.
They have been around for a while now. And it does look very different.

Anonymous said...

It does appear as though the next gen car will be a radical departure from the previous two generations. I sincerely hope that the camp on the C-pillar is hiding an actual window instead of a slab of cheap looking black plastic. The Forte has a window there, so I hope Hyundai follows suit and doesn’t cheap out on us.