Monday, April 29, 2019

2020 VW ID Neo teasers

 Not much to see yet, but let's compare the upcoming production model with the original concept.

The production car (on top) actually looks a bit longer and lower. With regular doors (of course)

Up front, the production car (both pix on top) actually has more LED lights than the concept.
With a light bar across the whole front. Like other ID EV concepts since. (This was the first one)

Production is scheduled to start as early as late this year.
The range is supposed to be about 250 miles. For a starting price of under 30 000 Euros.
Yes. No dollar price, since this cute new VW is not scheduled for the US.
This is another dumb move from VW in a long series.

- We don't get their "ready to go" small and cool looking SUVs like the T-Cross and the T-Roc.
- It is taking them over 2 years to bring the Arteon over here.
- They said "no" to any plug-in hybrids for the US.
- They have been teasing us with Pick up concepts for years. Yet nothing yet.

Who is running this??? Who is advising them so badly on the US market???


Anonymous said...

The best question is WHY ISN'T THIS THE NEXT GOLF?!?!

Anonymous said...

Why no ID NEO for US?

BillyM67 said...

I've seen a couple of the VW Atlas suv's on the road here in Houston. They're nice looking, but, honestly, nothing special. I've always thought that the VW designs are way too conservative. And when they do design something very modern they don't release here. Very strange.

Harry_Wild said...

Looks like a streamlined Chevrolet Bolt!