Sunday, February 10, 2019

2020/21 VW I.D Neo

I thought this new illustration of the upcoming VW I.D Neo electric hatchback looked pretty interesting. And quite accurate.
But when compared to the actual prototype, while many of the details seem to be right, the profile seems pretty wrong.
Door handles are lower on the real thing, and the side windows are not as slanted.
All this gives the illustration a more dynamic feel than the real thing.

While the production car will probably look nice, it will be quite a bit more mainstream than the illustration above. And the concept we saw earlier...

More pix of the Neo prototype HERE


Anonymous said...

If those Germans in Wolfsburg have a valid IQ, it will come to the US.

Anonymous said...

Looks SO much better than the upcoming Golf.. why do all these German marques feel like they need to develop nearly identically sized parallel Electric models to their regular vehicles? This design would better serve the Golf than the antiquated rehash we're about to see.