Monday, January 07, 2019

2020 BMW 7 series gets a huge fake grille

I guess it was a matter of time.
BMW wants everything they make to have a huge, vulgar giant, mostly fake grille. Like all of their SUVs.
Somehow, this now seems to be "the look of luxury".

This is really too bad. Since the 7 series was always a pretty classy, subtle looking car.

I guess even non-SUV vehicles have to look like SUVs...
Not sure luxury car buyers what that. Otherwise, they would just get an SUV. Wouldn't they???


Anonymous said...

BMW must be careful with thatgrille. It is a major reason why wannabes buy its cars.

Anonymous said...

Eeewww, they ruined it.
This vulgar giant fake grille trend needs to end asap.

FrogEggs said...

Shut up!