Saturday, December 29, 2018

2020 Mercedes CLA Teaser

Actually not much to see here.

This will be a slightly sleeker version of the new A-Class sedan, with the same "super busy" interior.

For more money...

I think the "old" CLA made sense as a sub-C-Class sedan when it first came out.

Priced at $29 900 in the US.

But now that we have the sedan version of the A-Class to olay that part, I really don't see the point of this.

From the teasers and spy shots, it doesn't really look better than the A-Class sedan.

Not sure who will spend thousands more for this.

At least if it was a hatchback. (Like the Buick Regal)

Anything to make it a bit more different than the regular sedan.

Even though this whole situation is quite puzzling, I will do my best to not lose any sleep over it.

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Anonymous said...

Vince - The CLA will be larger than the A-Class sedan.

That alone is enough to differentiate it. (And garner a higher price point).

So they aren't the same car at all.