Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Chevrolet FNR "CarryAll"

I guess with a name like "Carry All" this thing must have 3 rows of seats.

This new FNR is, so far, for the Chinese market.
It is hard to tell if this (distorted due to perspective) picture shows a concept or a production car.
My guess is a concept since I can't see any door handles.
But it also looks very production ready.

It seems to follow the style of the all-new Chevrolet Orlando (also for the Chinese market only)
But larger.

I guess this is an "all SUVs all the time" schedule for Chevrolet in China.
While they seem to be pushing tons of new SUVs in that market, they still offer sedans. Like the Malibu and Cruze. 


Rafael Ramos Vagnes said...

It is, for sure, a Blazer with 3rd row. Not a bad idea, since the Chevy Traverse looks pretty conservative.

Patrick said...

...Vince. That's basically the Blazer. Besides some concept-like bits, it looks like they're just using a different name in China.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just the Chevrolet Blazer with another name for the Chinese market?

4xForward said...

This looks like a LWB Blazer!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Toyota

Ralph L said...

Awfully high beltline for short Chinese people.
I denounce myself.

Anonymous said...

Much nicer than the disastrous Chevy Traverse or Equinox.