Tuesday, July 24, 2018

2019 Audi Q3

The all new Q3 seems to look more like a tiny Q8 than a small Q5.
Which is a good thing.

It looks much more upscale than the previous, 7 year old, model.
Inside as well.

Although that interior seems to follow the latest trend of way too much chrome/metal trim lines everywhere. 

I guess that's what people like these days???  (The next GLA from Mercedes will be similarly busy since it will get the new A-Class interior)

Otherwise, the new Q3 should also be roomier since it is about 4 inches longer than before. 

More on the new Q3 very soon...


Harry_Wild said...

Looks as small as the Range Rover Evoque or Porsche Macan! I mean small inside too!

Sad Robot said...

Nice improvement. I rather have the German made Q1 but not sold in US. Dummies.