Monday, June 25, 2018

2020 BMW X6

The new X6 is the top picture.
"New"... As in "BMW's idea of new", which is basically a mix of current and past designs.

Now it looks like the next X6 will resemble a 6 series GT on stilts. With a huge grille.
Why not, if that's what people really want....

If you must, head over HERE to see many pure pictures of the new 2020 X6


Anonymous said...

Another bloated, ugly design. The obsession with 4-door COUPE SUVs shared by BMW, M-B, and now Audi is comical.

Chris said...


11Thirteen said...

Bmw has lost itself. The x3 was always an ugly car that people bought to say they had a bmw. So let’s that that design and make it bigger? These designs would be horrendous on a Hyundai and imo is less acceptable on a bmw