Friday, June 08, 2018

2019 Mercedes GLE

Someone got pretty close to where Mercedes kept their upcoming cars. And made a small movie.
So here it is above.

Again, not many surprises. As it looks like what it is: a GLE SUV version of the E Class.
(Interior will also be almost the same as the E Class, just like the GLC uses the C Class interior)

And exterior uses that new "less lines is better" design language.
I am not sure how this will be much better than the less expensive GLC....

This will come out right on time to do battle with the new BMW X5. 


Harry_Wild said...

GLE is better the CLC because it is bigger inside and out, has more options available. Plus the current GLC is already 3-4 years old!

Vince Burlapp said...

And all that is worth $15 000 more???

(The current GLE is only 3 inches longer than the GLC. First model year of the GLC was 2016)

Anonymous said...

Mercedes always makes a high-quality product and I don't doubt this will be a success

Unknown said...

And GLC is beautiful, this one is ugly

Patrick said...

It definitely does not have an e class interior the way the GLC and C class share one. Not sure where you got that misinformation Vince...there are spy shots out there of the interior.