Monday, March 05, 2018

VW ID Vizzion Concept

As you can see, this is VW's new idea for a top of the line sedan.
They even claim a production version of this is coming for 2022.

The design is very nice. In line with all their recent EV concepts.
Inside, there is no steering wheeler pedals. Showcasing off self driving technology that is far from ready.
(VW mentions 2030 for the self driving tech)

Meanwhile, the EV range is supposed to be over 400 miles. Which would be very nice.
Otherwise, not sure if any of this will end up in other VW designs.
They are in desperate need of something. Some personality, flair, anything.

If 20% of this ended up in the next Passat, it would be a major improvement.
One can only hope...


Harry_Wild said...

Other then the Lincoln Continental of the 1960s and Rolls Royce Phantom; suicide doors have not gone into the production models from the concepts!

Anonymous said...

Who is that chick laughing and smiling with?! She would be on her phone if it were realistic.

Anonymous said...

We desperately need a new battery technology. They are still dicking around with 1991 Japanese technology. Charging the batteries overnight, or a few hours in fast charging stations, is a non starter, unless you live, work and play in a radius of 20-40 miles.