Tuesday, March 27, 2018

VW Atlas Cross Sport Concept

What a wonderful surprise this is. Not at all like the lame yellow thing I posted earlier.

This is truly a very attractive design. Unfortunately, it is still labeled as a "Concept".
So who know what will stay on the production model.
While I am sure the LED grille will go, they really need to keep that interior intact!

It is at the same time kind of similar to the Atlas, but also a huge improvement. 

The concept has a Plug-in Hybrid  system with a 3.6 Liter V6 that produces 355HP and has a 26 miles of EV range. 
Although VW has officially mentioned earlier they will not sell any plug-in cars in the US.
So who knows...

It will go on sale in 2019 (So not at the end of this year) and is labeled a "near production concept"
Let's hope for the best...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Would love to see this come to North America

Anonymous said...

Looks sharp! It is actually a desirable design from VW, which is a rare thing (the Arteon is the only other VW that falls in this category). Hopefully, the production version will retain the attractiveness of this concept. I think it definitely deserves its own model name, though.