Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Something new from Mazda???

Apparently, Mazda is showing something at the New York Auto Show.
But what???

A revised CX-9?
A revised CX-3?
The CX-4?
The new Mazda3?


The car in the teaser is this. Not a Mazda SUV. (These usually have black plastic trim around the wheel openings)

This car!
The gorgeous Mazda 6 wagon. The one we never had. 

The car featured in the trailer is a 2018 Mazda 6. But we have seen that car already.
What we have not seen, in the US, is the wagon.
So I believe what we will see tomorrow might be the US version of the Mazda6 wagon.

What do you think?

(See the teaser on Mazda's FaceBook page HERE)


Anonymous said...

I agree... Mazda6 Wagon... AWD.

Harry_Wild said...

New Mazda 6 station wagon!

Vince Burlapp said...

Let's hope it's not just an AWD version of the sedan.... (That would be sad.)

Anonymous said...

Importing the Mazda6 wagon will make its dozen or so buyers very happy.

Netcub said...

Its Debuting at 3:23 Hmmmmmm wonder what it might be...

Anonymous said...

Or just a cx3 update, but hey what do I know��

FFEMT6 said...

Hoping for the CX4, but I also think it is the 6 wagon.

Anonymous said...

Sad, is all I can say. An updated CX-3... that's it? Truly sad. Mechanical updates, 2 additional HP, more sound deadening in front side glass, invisible interior updates and paired cross bars on the grille. If that's "big news", then I can only imagine what they'll call their next new model reveal... "Colossal", maybe? I received two e-mails from Mazda today, 03/29/18, about their "big news", to "Mark your calendar. We've got big news" for 03/28/18 @ 3:30pm. A day late and lots of big news short. One had a "tease" pic of the already revealed Kai concept. The other, the same with a "tease" pic of the Vision Coupe concept. Love your products Mazda but your marketing department needs to go back to school.