Monday, March 05, 2018

2019 Toyota Auris/Corolla iM

That is quite a good looking Toyota.
And a good looking car period.

Much nicer than the current version .
In Europe, it will come with a choice of a small 1.2 Liter engine, or two hybrid version.
Which will, in effect, replace the current Diesel models. ( I would guess...)

Let's hope this also replace our current Corolla iM hatchback.
And that it influences the design of the upcoming "regular" Corolla.


Anonymous said...

Toyota needs to make a TRD version, then it will compete for the Golf GTI.

Anonymous said...

Good looking for a Toyota... yes. But that is not saying much as it looks like a baleen whale with a squished face.

If Toyota/ Lexus keep this hoard design style going too much longer, soon that the Chinese will be designing better looking cars.

Anonymous said...

The current Auris is actually offered with same gas & hybrid engine choices. I don't think there is a diesel version.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t think Toyota was capable of designing a decent looking car anymore. I have to say every time I see a new Prius or Prius Prime Want to gag, especially when it’s lights are on.

Anonymous said...

The hybrid version would replace the Prius C nicely. Toyota did a great job with this one.