Friday, December 22, 2017

2019 Ford Focus

Nothing much. Or that new.

Just another picture of the 2019 Ford Focus wearing that goofy/promotional camouflage.

The all new Focus will be unveiled in a  few days for the Detroit auto show.
And so far, it doesn't look that super impressive. (But who knows...)

As a reminder, all versions of the 2019 Focus sold in the US will now come from China.
Ford has also announced that the next Fusion will also be built in China. Not the US or Europe anymore.
(Although there is now some doubt the next Fusion being sold in the US at all...)


Anonymous said...

So Ford really pulled the wool over our eyes on this one. I remember the victory tweet about how Ford had deciding not to move the plant to Mexico. But somehow, has quietly decided to move it to China instead and the tweets have fallen silent.

Anonymous said...

Same proportions as a BMW 2-series.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see this debut. The proportions and DLO looks SO much better than the old one. Nice upright front and rear. A proper hatch and not an obnoxious sloping turd like the Mazda 3.

open your eyes said...

are you crazy vintz? this thing looks terrific. jesus.