Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Volkswagen T-Roc video Teaser

Volkswagon T-Roc video teaser

First, a warning. This is NOT presented in "glorious BurlappVison".

(So I am not responsible for the crappy music)

The T-Roc does look pretty good already in this video.

I guess this would compete with the Honda HR-V types in the US. Although it seems a bit larger and maybe more upscale.

There is plenty of room for this under the new $25 000 Tiguan.

Also, not everyone wants 7 seats. As a matter of fact, most people don't.

This could just be the right size to be a huge hit.


Soul2Stinger said...

This actually looks pretty good! Its interesting that they kept the T-Roc name. Although it could have been worse...... Much worse. Trugtorablat wouldn't give the same vibe!

Anonymous said...

The Bile Yellow colour option has to go.

6-speed said...

Of course we in the U.S. will get a dumbed-down version like we did the new Tiguan and the 2018 refreshed golf R an GTI ...