Thursday, August 17, 2017

BMW Z4 Concept

Not sure what a concept at this time, since the production model seems ready to go. But why not, I guess.
Let's just hope most of this concept makes it into the production car.
Except the obvious, like door handles, a taller windshield, a top etc...

BMW has managed to keep all generations of the Z4 (and Z3) great looking so far.

But I do remember the current model  came out a few years ago with a giant $10 000 price hike over the previous one (it now starts at around $50 000).
Let's hope the next one won't start at over $60 000... (Although I'm sure BMW will squeeze as much $$ they can out of this.)

At least they don't call it a Z5.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! BMW design has been really boring lately, but this and the new 8 series suggest they're coming out of that funk.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. This is pretty! I need a moment.