Saturday, April 01, 2017

Something I hadn't notice about the 2018 Kia Stinger...

 I was looking for pictures of the 20 Liter model.
Not the 3.0 V6 one. The one everyone is talking about.
I am actually more interested in what will be the more popular, and cheaper, model.

I couldn't find any.
But found these official pix of the interior . In 2 different flavors.
the bottom os is the V6. ( As it says GT t the bottom of the steering wheel)
And was a pit surprised and the differences. That they went through the effort to offer 2 different looking shifters.
The whole center console is different. As well as, that was expected, the trim.
Which looks like a metal finish on the GT. And piano black or wood on the 2.0.

Here is another view of both versions.

I think if reasonably priced, the "base" version could be quite a hit.

Id you haven't watch THIS VIDEO, do yourself a favor and do it right now!


FFEMT6 said...

Awe great, thanks Vince. Lol. I like the Gt interior trim far better,so now I may need to wait a few more years until I can buy preowned.

Carl Sandstedt said...

After paddling in place for the last generation, Kia is now showing movement again. Stunning interior for a car at this price point.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese already placed the Jeep Concept in production, what is this?

Unknown said...

The top one (brown interior) seems to be the Diesel verison (look at the rev counter, red line at 5.000 RPM), thus mightz come with a different auto gear box, that might require a slightly different console design (and has a different shifter knob).

Soul2Stinger/FusioptimaSX said...

I'm really torn when it comes to the 2.0 console/shifter knob. It says "Old Luxury" while the GT screams "New Luxury."