Thursday, April 06, 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio sells BYD Chinese cars!

Remember back when US movie stars were doing "secret" work for local Japanese commercials.
Like in the movie "Lost in translation".
I mean everyone was doing it! From Paul Newman to Peter Falk as Columbo for a Toyota.

Well, here is what happens now. They are doing it for Chinese companies.
I could never imagine Leonardo DiCaprio selling Subarus or Fords here.
But some cheapo SUV from BYD in China? Sure!

I mean why not. But still a bit sad from someone who really doesn't need the money. At all.
And it doesn't look to be a Hybrid or EV.
Which I would understand a bit more, since he is a big environment guy.
Why???? Is he giving that money to his charities?

There is nothing "green" about his.
It's just sad....


Anonymous said...

The shmuck made a few movies but is lying to the public about how environmentally friendly he is to the world. Doesn't the world know he takes planes to go to filming locations, holidays and let's not forget when he flew an eyebrow specialist some 6,000 miles from Oz.

el_monty said...

That car is BYD Tang, which is in fact a plug-in hybrid. Do your research!

BillyM67 said...

DiCaprio isn't as "concerned" as e acts and this commercial is proof. He probably thought no one in the US would see it. He's become a very good actor, but, in the end, he is still just an actor and wants to get paid.

Harry_Wild said...

One major owners of BYD is Warren Buffet! I think the two are friends!

Anonymous said...

BYD is leading in selling EV's worldwide since 2015. They produce and sell aswell hybrids and normal fuel-engined cars, but the main focus is in the electromobiel industry. This Company is a former battery producer and in 2003 they overtook one of the biggest chinese car companies.

do at least 5min of google research before posting your nagging...