Sunday, April 16, 2017

2018 Lincoln Navigator video (In full "BurlappVison")


Here it is. The ultimate video of the all new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

In motion, that grille does look really obnoxious. But I guess they are competing with the Escalade.
So, not the classiest or most tasteful crowd...

The design of the grille also looks like 2 buck teeth to me.
(Now that's all I see...)

Inside, the 2nr row seat looks pretty cheap. (When that lady is folding it) At that price, it should be powered.
And that super cheapo looking plastic chrome is everywhere (looking especially cheap and horrible on the steering wheel) , just like in the Continental.

But again, people who actually buy these kind of things probably don't care.

Click HERE to watch the masterpiece. 


Anonymous said...

Inside, the 2nr row seat looks pretty cheap

Harry_Wild said...

Best looking luxury full size currently! RR may be close too!

Anonymous said...

Vince, that audio was bizarre. What gives?