Friday, March 24, 2017

2018 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has been testing the next generation Continental Gt coupe for a while now.
The convertible version too.

And they have been pretty smart and effective with their camouflage.
As the next model looks to have very different proportions than the first 2 generations.,
it seems much lower and wider.
Like a longer version of the EXP10 from 2015.
The same design was used a few weeks ago for the EXP12 convertible.

Let's hope these two gorgeous designs were a preview of the next Continental GT coupe and convertible.

Here are these two concepts.
If you can look closely at the prototype pictures HERE you can see a lot of these concepts.

I love the first generation Continental GT.
But not the current one. Which is just a poor copy of the previous design.
I especially don't like the horribly cheap looking rectangular tail lights gently seems to be using on everything these days.
These concepts replace them with a really cool oval LED design.

It just looks great...

Head over HERE for all the pix of the prototype testing in the snow. 


Anonymous said...

The top pic in blue looks like a Chrysler 300

PGA said...

A beautiful car!