Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Abandoned movie cars on the Disney Studio lot...

I was lucky enough to work on the Disney lot a few years ago for a while.
And a few times, I did some "exploration".
For instance, the bottom floor of their "Zorro parking lot".
All the way down, where almost no one actually parks their car.

It was mostly empty, except for these old movie cars.... All covered in dust, ( except that Corvair for some reason.)

I just wondered if anyone here would recognize any of these from old movies?


Anonymous said...

The Corvair looks neat.

Greenevans said...

I don't recall any Disney movie starring a green Citroen DS...but apparently it exists... ;)

benedict said...

The only time I recall seeing a DS in a Hollywood flim was in Scarface in the foiled assassination scene in NYC