Thursday, September 29, 2016

BMW X2 Concept

 This might very well be the first good looking BMW SUV, ever.

In a sea of boring designs, where you can't tell an X1 from an X3. Or a new X5 from the previous one.
This is pretty refreshingly new.
(Although, it does look a bit more Asian than German from some angles.)

Still, something interesting looking from BMW. For once.
Here is the real thing, testing on public roads.
And it's actually pretty close to that concept preview.
My guess is that it's main competition would be the new Infiniti QX30.
Or even its Mercedes cousin.

Let's hope this stays as close as possible to the concept we are seeing this week.

For more pictures of the prototype, click HERE .


Anonymous said...

Carbon copy of the Hyundai Tucson.

Anonymous said...

I think the X1 looks pretty damned good on the road. But I will admit, I thought it was a Hyundai/Kia at first.