Friday, September 02, 2016

All new Honda Gienia

This is kind of weird since it is a hatchback based on the Fit.
Wich is itself a hatchback.

I guess this looks more like a coupe. Fastback style, so they think there might be room for that.
In China.

It's not coming here or anywhere else. So far.
I mean. it's not horrible. But it's not great either.
So why not...


Anonymous said...

I thought this was an updated Pontiac Aztek. Not good IMO.

Anonymous said...

What happened to sad!

Anonymous said...

We are currently in the opposite of the "Golden Years" for Japanese automotive design.

They've reached new lows lately. This is not a good time.

Really miss the iconic designs of the 80's and 90's... Acura Legend, Toyota MR2 (etc.)

Doug said...

Ugly. Honda is lost.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible to look at, that's for sure. And it could totally be a downsized Aztek for "today's market" LOL.