Sunday, April 24, 2016

2017 Lexus IS

 Well, they did make it crazier looking. Or worse. Even more vulgar than before.
Upfront, everything seems to be bigger, except the headlights.
Bigger grille, bigger vents. More holes.
Just more stuff!

Which doesn't really match the rest of the car, especially the profile.

It seems that things are getting crazy at Lexus.
Not sure who they are trying to sell these to.

It's like old people idea of what young people might like.

 Inside, things look the same to me.
But I am not the world's best "Lexus IS Expert". So...
Here is the current model.
Which now looks pretty tame and gentle next to the 2017 beast.
It almost looks soft...


Captain Midnight said...

Holy crap that is ugly. Like Pontiac Aztek ugly.

Anonymous said...

Did a Ninja in action draw this thing?

Anonymous said...

over exaggerated heavy looking, disproportional front end, on a 1990's style sedan......YUK!!!!

Anonymous said...

my compare sergio he said, Dis a ting she looks a like shit!

SlippedClutch said...

What is that huge plastic mess hanging off the front? The rear is a mess, the front is awful, and everything between the A and C pillars looks like a Corolla.