Thursday, March 10, 2016

2017 Mazda CX-4

More picture of the all new CX-4.
Basically, a sportier alternative to the CX-5.

Outside, there seems to be a bit of camouflage left on the chrome window surrounding.
Wheels are quite small, so this could also be a base model.

Inside, it does look really good. In line with recent Mazda designs.

So far, they claim China is the target market for this.
But I wouldn't surprised if it ends up in the US.

Let's hope...


Anonymous said...

Closer to a Mazda 3 wagon...interesting vehicle.

- Fusioptimasx

Anonymous said...

It looks like a discontinued CX-7 with the new grille and crappy looking wheels.

Anonymous said...

Mazda should definitely bring this to the US. While most are buying SUV's, there is very little in the affordable car range that offers a sporty alternative to the Outback.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the nomenclature.. if this is a sportier version of the CX-5, why would they name it something that sounds lesser? My initial hope was that this would be a jacked-up version of the Mazda6 wagon (and called CX-6 or CX-7), but the name implies it's either a jacked-up Mazda3 or a coupe-like version of the Mazda2-based CX-3. Hopefully a true Mazda6-based CX-7 successor will soon follow.