Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fiat Toro "Sport Utility Pick Up"

So far, they claim this is only for the Brazilian market.
Even though the design screams "Jeep".

I think Fiat would be stupid to not sell this as a Jeep Pick up in the US.
Ram does need a smaller pick up, but this just looks so much like a Jeep already...

Engines in Brazil are a 1.8 Liter gas or a 2.0 Liter diesel.
So this is probably quite small.

They'll probably use the 1.6 Liter Turbo and the old "always poorly reviewed" 2.4 Liter for the US market.

I am not a pick up truck person, but I really think there is a growing market for these.

The sad part is that it would be yet another Jeep model.
We are getting only Jeeps. No more Dodges, no more Chryslers....(Except the Minivan)


Les said...

They should sell it as a Fiat, which is what it is.

Fiat is in a rut in the US, with one aging flagship model (500) and 2 "me-too" distorted copies that nobody wants (500L, 500X). A pickup would redefine the brand.

Anonymous said...

tasty sweet sweat truck. this is what we all need car based truck

Anonymous said...

It looks A LOT like the current Cherokee. Could be an interesting addition to Jeep.

Unknown said...

This would help either Fiat or Jeep. Both would help both brands expand their customer base.