Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2017 Acura MDX

So far, the MDX has always looked pretty boring. And bloated.
This teaser sketch shows the next one might be quite different.
And with, finally, a new grille.
(It took Honda so many years to admit they had a grille design nobody liked.)

It looks quite busy, but could also be pretty interesting.

We will see the whole thing at the upcoming New York auto show.


Anonymous said...

It will be a hands down winner. I disagree with the bloated part. All they had to do was eliminate the grille. And if they make all their models AWD with torque vectoring, and turbos, then we have a game changer

Anonymous said...

drawing lacks logic in the following regard. The line starting at the upper right corner of the grill sweeps back to a point 12" or so in from the right bottom corner of the windshield. The corresponding line originating at the left upper corner of the grill terminates at the outer left corner of the windshield. Asymmetrical to what end?

Anonymous said...

very's an illustration... its doing what it's suppose to do. tease.

Anonymous said...

listen up acura sales staff.....this is an attempt to correct Acuras mess in the styling department for 5-7 years now. It may be better, we will wait to see what comes out. The Murano is a beauty, Lexus tried to copy Murano and failed miserably.

Carl Sandstedt said...

Big improvement. If I was snarky I would say something about copying Hyundai/Genesis styling clues, but we all know the Koreans are incapable of anything original.

Anonymous said...

Honda/Acura design in N.America is a mess mostly because of their rock-star (in his own head) BS artist running the entire operation. Things will improve when they finally realize the mistake they made in hiring and keeping Marek.