Monday, September 14, 2015

Infiniti Q30

I really love this.
This seems to be a no brainer for Infiniti in Europe. But more of a risk in the US.
Our model will come only with the 2.0 Liter Turbo from Mercedes with 208HP.

Europe gets Diesels and smaller gas engines.

Let's just hope they price it right. (Being an Infiniti, it really should be cheaper than the Mercedes GLA it is based on.)


Anonymous said...

really good looking. i dig it.

unfortunate that it maxes out at 208hp.

with a sport model + 300hp, it would be very badass.

Anonymous said...

I like it. It should do well in the US. Mercedes chassis and engine with Infiniti styling? Yes please. Even though the styling is over the top, it works, like the new Murano. It's a fine line that sometimes gets missed.

robert said...

the press release had one bit of info that was a real shocker. The US version will get a manual 6 speed transmission.

I like the looks of this vehicle. But I think the wheel arches should be body colored and it should be an inch or two lower. This blurs the line too much between CUV and hatch. Especially since the QX30 will be coming out shortly after.

Anonymous said...'s definitely not boring. I'm not sure what to think about it past that. I give Infiniti credit for taking risks and I want to like it because of that fact, but something about it seems to be rather "off" to me.

The interior seems to be fine, regardless of the somewhat disproportionate exterior.

Anonymous said...

I would feel more excited about if it was all Infiniti and zero Mercedes!

Anonymous said...

An Infinity with Lexus Spindle Grill...