Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Honda S660 in the US???

Now it looks like Honda is actually considering the al new S660 roadster for the US.

Even thought they said "no way" just a few weeks ago when it came out in Japan.
They had even mentioned a slightly larger "export" version with a 1000CC engine.
So which is it?
Who knows?

I really like the design of this. It looks very retro in a good way (as well as modern)
Somehow it reminds me of old Hondas. Small, simple and really cool looking. Like the CRX used to be.
So I really think they should have something like that back in the US.
But this is really small. I mean REALLY.

It is about 134 inches long.
Which is 20 inches LESS than the new Miata! That's small!

It is even smaller than a Fiat 500 by 6 inches. Imagine !
The only thing smaller here would be a Smart.

Not sure there might be many takers in the US.

What do you think?
Would you get one? Should Honda get us something a bit larger?


Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic design and I would love to see this on US roads, but no, I would never buy one myself.

Unknown said...

I could see takers of this. It looks way better than a MB smart car. Maybe Honda should consider an EV version for the USA.

Anonymous said...

It needs to be fast, not just cute.

Unknown said...

Yes Please.

Anonymous said...

Yes! A small roadster in the likes of the Del Sol would be great!

Anonymous said...

The market is flooded with convertibles that are too small to comfort real Americans. The minute a hardtop convertible is available that's COMFORTABLE for FOUR FULL-SIZE (240-lb, 6'5" people) I will buy one. Even those who are short and thin have big &/or tall friends in America. I mean, this is America we're talking about, right? Not China?

PGA said...

I really like this car!

Anonymous said...

It's unlikely to pass U.S. safety requirements. So don't hold your breath :-(

Anonymous said...

boring like the rest of honda's line up..they need to step it up.

Anonymous said...

An alternative to the Mazda Miata by some inches. Still it looks fun and zippy. Honda desperately needs to make small cars again...that are not BORING.

Anonymous said... about some pix of the 2016 honda civic sedan!